12 Incredible Uses For Pickle Juice That You'll Wish You Had Thought Of Sooner

Next time you make it to the end of a pickle jar, don't even think about throwing away the leftover juice because you could be using it to make your life easier in and out of the kitchen.

From soothing burns to growing a beautiful garden, pickle juice has some amazing benefits. In case you weren't aware of them, here are 12 ways you can put the briny liquid to use:

1. Marinate and tenderize meats

Switch up how you prepare pork and steak by using salty and tangy pickle juice as a marinade.

Just mix the brine with some spices, garlic and mustard then let it marinate for at least an hour. For even better results, leave it in the fridge overnight before roasting or grilling.

If you're cooking chicken, you can also marinate it in pickle juice overnight. One Good Thing suggests adding "a splash of milk" if you'd like "a more toned-down pickle flavor."

2. Prevent muscle cramps

Many athletes swear by pickle juice as a quick remedy for muscle cramps, and they're definitely onto something.

In 2013, a study found that cramps lasted approximately 49 seconds less when the participants drank pickle juice instead of water.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not the fluids or sodium that relives cramps. Scientists believe that it's the vinegar in pickle juice that causes a reflex, which forces the brain to send a signal that reduces cramps.

3. Polish copper


Vinegar and salt, the main ingredients in pickle juice make it the perfect natural product for cleaning and restoring tarnished copper.

The method was even put to the test by HGTV's Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines and it worked wonders.

Just keep in mind that copper does age if you leave the pickle juice on it for too long, so rinse it thoroughly as soon as you're done cleaning it.

4. Cure a hangover

Your blood alcohol level has a lot to do with how severe your hangover is the next day, but the sugar in the drinks also play a major role.

Next time you find yourself nursing a bad hangover, try drinking a 1/4 cup of pickle juice. The salty liquid will restore the electrolytes in your body and help you recover faster.

To avoid hangovers all together, try infusing your cocktails with pickle juice.

5. Boost your energy


Who needs a sugary or caffeine-laden energy drink when you have pickle juice?

If you're experiencing a mid-day slump or just need a boost while performing a physical task, sip on some pickle juice and you'll notice a difference in how you feel.

It's the electrolytes in the juice that increase your body's glycogen levels, which will make you feel much more alert and energized.

6. Vinegar replacement


Pickle juice is a lot more flavorful than vinegar, so it makes it the perfect substitute in salad dressings, sauces, dips, marinades, and just about any recipe that calls for vinegar.

It'll still add the sour note the recipe needs, but with a little more complexity.

7. Grow your garden

There are two ways leftover pickle juice can benefit your garden: a) by killing weeds, and b) by adding acidity to the soil.

To get rid of weeds, simply pour the liquid over them. The salt and vinegar in the juice will effectively kill them off.

If you have plants like hydrangeas in your garden, mixing pickle juice with compost and adding it to the soil will help raise the acidity and make the flowers blue.

8. Trap fruit flies

If you're someone who keeps a lot of fruit in the kitchen, it's almost impossible to not have a fruit fly problem.

There are a number of easy ways to get rid of these pesky bugs, but the easiest is with pickle juice.

Pour some of the liquid in a cup, mix in a few drops of dish soap, then let it sit on the counter and watch the magic happen.

9. Clean BBQ grill grates

An easy way to get rid of the charred food and caked-on grease off of your BBQ grill grates is by cleaning them with pickle juice.

For really tough stains, try soaking the grates in the liquid for 20-30 minutes before scrubbing them clean.

10. Soothe a burn

Whether it's caused by the sun or steam, pickle juice is an effective remedy to soothe minor burns.

Just dampen a cloth with the juice then apply it to the affected area for instant relief.

If the burn is on your hands or feet, you can get the best results by soaking it in the liquid for a few minutes. Some people even argue that this will prevent scarring.

11. De-ice your driveway

There are many who are convinced that pickle juice works better than rock salt when it comes to de-icing driveways, pavements and roads.

Pickle brine can melt ice at temperatures as low as -6°F (-21°C), and unlike salt, the brine is already wet which makes it harder for snow and ice to stick. It is also eco-friendly, so some states, like New Jersey and Minnesota, have been experimenting with pickle brine to melt ice on the roads.

12.  Unclog the drain

Just like the wonderful combination that is vinegar and baking soda, pickle juice can come in handy when you need to unclog a drain.

Just pour the juice, along with some baking soda, down the blocked drain, then add some hot water once the bubbling ends. It should be back to the normal in no time.

Do you use pickle juice for anything else? Let us know in the comments!