15 Tiny Homes That Look Even More Incredible On The Inside

Tiny House Town

I've been dreaming about living in a tiny home ever since a friend of mine converted his trailer into one.

This was right about the time off-the-grid homes started becoming a trend.  

I couldn't for a second imagine myself building such an elaborate structure. It would probably take me years to complete!

Nowadays you can buy these homes for much cheaper than a house. It's my dream to not have to pay my mortgage and live anywhere my heart desires.  

These 15 tiny homes are my favorite, and maybe one day I'll have the courage to defy the norm and move into one.

If you thought these tiny homes look nice on the outside, wait until you see the inside!

1. The Treehouse

The Silo Studio Cottage is perfect for those who feel claustrophobic in tiny homes.

This adorable house has two stories, a 35-foot high ceiling, and a spacious bedroom.

It's currently being used as an AirBnb in Massachusetts.

Staying in a tiny home is definitely on my bucket list!

2. The Green House Extension

These Olive Nest tiny homes are 323-square-feet and include a pull-out couch that's perfect for when friends come over.

But that's not all.

This adorable house has a greenhouse extension providing a stable environment for vegetables to grow all year round. The porch swing is the cherry on top!

3. The Arado weeHouse

This modern-style cabin home is shaped like a rectangular box and features a single room.

The space has room for two beds, a fireplace, and lots of sitting room.

4. "The Painting Lady"

This tiny Victorian home is my all-time favorite living space.

These homes come in the most beautiful pastel shade colors and look super cozy on the inside with their wood interior.

The best part is that every single part of this home can be used for more than one purpose.

5. The Fox House

This 100-square-foot tiny home has more style than my own home.

The Fox House may be small, but it still manages to make room for a bedroom with a full-sized bed, an office area, and open-shelf storage.

6. The Floating House

This modern tiny houseboat is called the Nautilus Hausboote. It's a floating home that looks chic inside and out.

The boat is approximately 500-square-feet and has two stories. The second level is the open-air deck on the roof.

There's an LED lighting system installed throughout the boat so you can enjoy this home at any time of day.

7. The Granny Pod

Granny Pods, also known as the MedCottage, was made to prevent the elderly from having to go to nursing homes.

These mini-mobile homes can be parked in a backyard and hooked up to a main home's water and electricity.

This 400-square-foot living space is equipped with the latest technology, such as webcams that survey the floor in case anyone collapses and can't call for help.

You can also find defibrillators, rails, and first aid kits in the home.

8. The Pequod

Inhabitat / t8ls

This tiny home isn't as small as you think. It can fit a family of four!

The Pequod has almost everything a regular apartment would have, but smaller.

My favorite part about this home is that it can be transported anywhere! It's one of the fanciest trailer homes on the market.

9. Chicago Tiny Home From The 1800s

This tiny home was built after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, and today it costs upwards of $800,000!

It's 780-square-feet and features one bedroom and bathroom.

10. The Green Moxie

This tiny home may appear rustic, but it's actually equipped with the latest technology.

The Green Moxie has a floorspace of 340-square-feet and features a roof-based solar power, a rainwater collection system, and a water recycling system.

11. The Nugget

The outside of this tiny home is nothing special. The white exterior and the small windows isn't something that would catch someone's eye.

You'd probably look at it and think, "Oh, that's cute," but when you step inside you'll be blown away.

The Nugget lives up to its name, but it's incredibly chic on the inside.

12. The Matchbox

This tiny home has a floorspace of 140-square-feet, but there's a lot space for you to get creative.

The Matchbox is also eco-friendly like the Green Moxie. It features a rainwater catchment, solar panels, and a sliding door that preserves the wooden door.

13. This Cottage Is Made Of 95% Salvaged Materials

The Arched Zebu, otherwise known as "The House of the Rising Sun," is a prairie home made from 95% salvaged materials.

This two-story tiny home looks so cozy on the inside. The cottage includes a bedroom, kitchen, and living room area.

14. The Curvy Cabin

These tiny campsite homes remind me of a cozy motel room. It has room for four people and comes with en-suite facilities.

There's also a wood burning stove for those cold winter evenings. Now I'm really considering going camping in the cold season.

15. 3D Printed Tiny Home

There's a 3D printing robot that can print many essential parts of this 650-square-foot tiny home, like the walls, roof, and floor in only half a day.

The rest of the home will be assembled by a worker.

These tiny homes cost $10,000 to build, but the startup company that makes them wants to bring the cost down to as little as $4,000 so that impoverished families can afford them.

Could you ever see yourself living in any of these tiny homes?

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