10 Signs You May Be Suffering From Severe Sleep Deprivation And Not Even Know It

We're basically all tired. That's just a fact.

Between work, families, friends, and any other commitments we have, there's just a lot going on in our days. At the end of the day, whether it's 9 p.m. or 2 a.m. we crawl into our beds and hope we can sleep through the night so we can do it all over again.

It seems like all we can do is hope that we get enough sleep, because whether you're in bed for five hours or twelve hours, you can end up feeling like you have the same level of energy.

Some of us have been tired for so long that we just think that's how we are supposed to feel. But there are actually subtle ways that your body is trying to tell you it needs to rest. And no, I don't just mean the excessive yawning that you're trying to hide.

1. You're always getting sick

If you catch colds easier than anyone you know, it's probably because you aren't getting enough restful sleep.

Studies have found that you are four times more likely to catch a cold if you sleep fewer than six hours a night.

2. Your hair is falling out


If you notice that your hair is falling out more than ever, it's potentially because you are so tired. Hereditary hair loss is a possibility, but if you miss out on too much sleep your body reacts as if it was highly stressed. There are many different temporary hair loss conditions that you can reverse if you start sleeping more.

3. Your body hurts

If you start noticing that you're experiencing pain all over your body, it's probably because your having an inflammatory response. It can hurt in your joints or muscles, but the reason why they are in pain is nothing physical, you just need to rest.

4. You're becoming more emotionally erratic

Depression isn't necessarily caused by lack of sleep, but it can make it a lot worse. It actually affects you in multiple ways.

You may find that you will be over-reactive to emotional moments, whether happy or sad, and fluctuate wildly between the two.

5. You can't see as well

If everything starts becoming a little bit harder to see, you may not need glasses, you may just need a nap. Dr. Steven Shanbom, ophthalmologist, explained, "When fatigued, you're not able to control the muscles of the eye as well."

Skimping on sleep will make your ocular muscle slow down, making it a lot hard to keep up with the things you are trying to look at.

6. Your skin is getting dull or wrinkled

You need sleep to keep your hormones in balance, so when you don't get enough, you may notice that your skin isn't as luminous as it once was.

Collagen will break down more when you don't get enough sleep, which means wrinkles will start forming. And because you aren't resting enough, your skin won't have enough time to repair itself.

7. You can't make a decision to save your life

No matter how simple it is, making a decision can become affected by your lack of sleep. A question as simple as "what do you want for lunch?" can leave you debating for way too long.

This happens because when you are sleep deprived, your brain's capacity for high-level cognitive processing is slowed down. What this means is that you are actually thinking slower, so all these decisions end up taking a whole lot more time.

8. You can't remember anything that you needed to do

When you find yourself walking into a room only to have forgotten everything you had planned on doing, it might be because you are exhausted.

Because you are so tired, your brain is basically unable to make memories as quickly as you need it to. The thoughts just refuse to move into your short-term memory or long-term memory, so they end up just fading away.

9. You've lost all impulse control

When you find you're shopping online more than ever or you just treat yourself to more snacks than you thought you would, then it might be because you're tired.

Your inhibitions lower when you get too tired, so it's harder to stop yourself from doing the things you know you shouldn't do.

10. You've been gaining weight for no other reason

You don't feel like you're doing anything different, and yet your body seems to be packing on the pounds. This could be caused by the fact that you're completely exhausted.

If you combine a lack of impulse control and the lack of memory, you start forgetting all the snacks you ate. Also because your body is tired, it's going to start craving foods way more than you'd expect.

Not only will you want to eat more, your body will actually respond to it differently, reducing your cells reaction to insulin, which makes you gain weight.

I think the moral of this is that we all need a lot more sleep if we want to stay happy and healthy. Let's see if we can make nap time mandatory!

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