22 Pictures Of Real Animals That Belong In Science Fiction Stories

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There are some things you have to see to believe.

Fortunately, other people have come in contact with these animals to confirm their existence.

No matter how many times your brain wants to tell you that these animals are fake, have been photoshopped, or are screen grabs from the movie Avatar, don't succumb to those thoughts.

It's going to be hard, but by the end of this article you're going to be amazed by these 22 otherworldly-looking creatures.

1. Bioluminescent Plankton

I know what you're thinking: This can't be real. Well, it actually is and I'm sure seeing the ocean light up is now on your bucket list.

This incredible phenomena occurs naturally, and it's all because of a certain type of plankton that has a light enzyme.

These small marine creatures light up during the night to evade predators.

2. Jerboa

I don't know what part of this animal's body to focus on in the picture above.

This mammal looks a rabbit, a mouse, and a kangaroo had a baby.

These hopping desert rodents, known as jerboas, can be found in Northern Africa and Asia.

3. Orchid Mantis

You've heard of the Praying Mantis, right? There's something even more bizarre looking than that thin green fella.

The Orchid Mantis looks just like our favorite flowering plant. You can find them in the rain forests of Southeast Asia.

They blend in so perfectly that it's unlikely you'll ever be able to spot them.

4. Poodle Moth

This fuzzy moth looks like it came out of some Hollywood sci-fi movie, but it's most likely real.

I say this because the Poodle Moth is yet to be confirmed as a species.

That being said, a bona fide zoologist found this moth in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela's Canaima National Park.

It has to be real, but do I want it to be? That's the real question.

5. Irrawaddy dolphin

Dolphins are known for their rostrum or snout. This adorable fella is a dolphin, but his head is more circular-shaped.

Irrawaddy dolphins are so cute that it's hard to believe they're real.

They exist in isolated populations around Southeast Asia.

6. Atlantic Wolffish

This monster of a fish loves to roam around the ocean floors, which is honestly the best thing you'll hear today.

But, of course there is a but, sometimes they emerge from the depths for whatever reason.

As someone who has a fear of fish, the Atlantic Wolffish is absolutely terrifying.

7. Star-Nosed Mole

This small mole can be found in wet low areas in northern North America.

Imagine walking around and suddenly being greeted by one of these creatures. Yikes!

They're considered the world's fastest eater, thanks to their efficient nervous system.

8. Red-Lipped Batfish

What these fish lack in swimming skills, they make up for in good looks.

Say what you want, but batfish are the fiercest looking creatures on the ocean floor.

These Galapagos Island residents are not friendly if you try to get in their way, not that I would ever do that to His Majesty.

9. Blobfish

I wonder if the Pokemon character Ditto was inspired by this deep sea fish.

The blobfish can be found in waters around Australia and New Zealand.

It was once voted the Earth's most hideous species, which is super rude because this fella actually looks like one gooball of cuteness to me.

He looks so sad it breaks my heart.

10. Yeti Crab

The Yeti Crab, which I call "the toilet bowl cleaner," was discovered a little over a decade ago in the South Pacific Ocean.

This crustacean is famous for the hairs on their bodies. It's inside these hairs that bacteria grows, which supposedly becomes their only source of food. Gross, but efficient.

Another interesting fact about them is that they have no eyes.

11. Goblin Shark

The photo above is not a scary plush toy, it's a real shark.

This species is so rare that they're often referred to as the "living fossil."

If you feel scared just by looking at the picture, you should be.

Their mouths stick out so much that it can move independently from their bodies. And once they get close to their prey, they'll suck up anything in the vicinity like a vacuum.

12. The Blue Dragon Sea Slug

This is not a creature from the movie Avatar, believe me.

These rare sea slugs are extremely deadly. If you ever see one floating in water, don't pick it up.

13. Japanese Spider Crab

If you ever thought crabs were cute, I think you just changed your mind.

Japanese Spider Crabs can weigh up to 44 pounds, and as you can see from the picture above, their legs are very long.

What's great for them is that they can live for more than a century. They can even survive after losing their legs.

Their perseverance is inspiring.

14. Tarsier

These primates can be found in rainforests, mainly in Asia.

They are pretty small, but have incredibly large eyes. Just one of their eyes is the size and weight of its brain.

What they're great at is clinging onto things, so if you know someone who is super clingy, compare them to a Tarsier. It's nearly impossible to pry them off a tree.

15. Lilac-Breasted Roller

This African bird is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my life. Every single one of their feathers is stunning.

16. Aye-Aye

The Aye-Aye is a lemur native to Madagascar, and are said to be related to humans.

I'll leave it at that.

17. Okapi

Is it a zebra? Is it a horse? Is it a giraffe? Is it all of them?

The Opaki, sometimes referred to as the forest giraffe or zebra giraffe, is native to the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.

Am I the only one who thinks their skin looks painted on?

18. Dumbo Octopus

This tiny octopus got its name from Disney's 1941 film Dumbo. They come in three colors: red, green, and orange.

19. Comb Jellies

It's hard to believe that these iridescent, transparent creatures are from this planet, and yet there are a lot of them in marine waters around the world.

What I'm most fascinated about is how they light up. In my opinion, they're even more spectacular than bioluminescent plankton.

These jelly-like marine creatures can emit any color and shimmer like flickering lights.

20. Radiolaria

I'm telling you, the most alien-like creatures live in the depths of our oceans.

This protozoa can best be seen with a microscope, so you know they're going to look otherworldly.

There's seriously nothing interesting about them, other than that they look like a menacing character on Doctor Who?.

21. Mangalica

These curly-haired domestic pigs were crossbred in Hungary in the mid-19th century.

They have the hair of a sheep, the body of a pig, and the behavior of a dog. Now I really want one.

22. Mexican Mole Lizard

This slimy snake-looking lizard has T-Rex arms that have five fingers.

If you're scared of snakes, you'll faint if you come across one of these in real life. Just watching them slither will send chills down your spine.

Which one of these animals freak you out the most?

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