5 Hacks You Should Read Before You Use A Public Bathroom

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When nature calls, it's not like you can really send it to voicemail. There's only so long you can hold it before you have to go to the washroom, and unfortunately that often means using a public restroom.

Listen, none of us like to use a public restroom. They often are not always the cleanest places and we all know they usually don't smell great. While using a public restroom is basically unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to make the experience a little bit less terrible.

1. Prevent the premature flush

Sitting on one of those auto-flush toilets is always a gamble. Will it go off as soon as you sit down or will it just never go off, even after you stand up?

When it activates while you are on the toilet, it results in the most uncomfortable splash that no one has ever wanted, but there is a way to stop this from happening.

All you need to do is cover the sensor on the back of the toilet with a little piece of toilet paper. It should be enough to stop it from thinking you stood up and then when you remove it after you're done it will flush.

2. If you need a clean bathroom on the go, go to a hotel

No, you don't need to check in and rent a room, all you need to do is head into the lobby. Hotels are often a lot nicer about letting you use the bathroom, and if you just stroll in and act like you know where you're going, chances are no one will stop you.

It's definitely a lot more likely to be clean if you compare it to a fast food restaurant or mall bathroom.

3. But which stall should you use? The one closest to the door is the best bet

Bathroom stalls

Studies have shown that the cleanest stall to use in a public bathroom is the one that is closest to the door.

Apparently most people opt for the stall furthest from the door for privacy sake, which means that the further you are from the door, the more times it has been used since it was last cleaned.

The stalls closest to the doors will have had less people in them so you'll have less to worry about when it comes to the cleanliness of the area.  

4. Prevent splashing with a piece of toilet paper

When you use the restroom, sometimes the water can splash back up. It's not a welcome surprise, so to stop it from happening you can put a few squares of toilet paper into the water.

Not only will it prevent it from splashing you, it'll make it a little bit quieter. So for those who are a little bit shy in the bathroom, this might help their nerves.

5. You've been using those toilet seat covers wrong

While there is still debate over whether the flap goes in the water or not, there is no debate about which side faces forward.

You might think that the flap would sit at the back, but it's actually at the front. That way it covers the extra area and gives you a little more piece of mind.

Some people argue whether the flap should touch the water or not to help it flush easier, but others say it often gets pulled in when the toilet auto-flushes early. I guess if you pair this up with the tip about the auto-flush you should have no problem getting it to stay!

So while it may not be home, at least you can have a little bit of comfort in knowing you're doing everything you can to make it better.

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