Poodle Cats Are A Thing And They Constantly Look Like They've Been Woken Up From A Nap

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I truly believe that my cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. Is that biased? Yes. But also, look at her.

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She loves cuddles and snacks, but only on her terms. I will admit, though, that there are a lot of cats that look like mine. Tabbies are not uncommon, and there are at least two cats on our street that look like her.

But I can almost guarantee you that there are no cats on my street that look like Selkirk Rex cats, or poodle cats.

These poodle cats weren't around until 1987, when a feral cat in Montana gave birth to a litter of five kittens. One of the kittens was noticeably different than the others, sporting a thick, curly coat of hair.

It was determined that a genetic mutation had caused the curly-haired gene to become dominant in the cat, thus producing the unique fur.

These cats have three layers of curly hair, making them continuously look like they've been unwillingly woken up from a nap.

These cats generally weight between 10 and 15 pounds, and love being around kids.


You may think that poodle cats would be hard to groom, but they're actually not much more difficult than a normal cat! Brushing them two times a week should be plenty to prevent and remove tangles, and keeping their curls fluffy is as easy as running your fingers through their coat.

Poodle cats love being playful and showing their affection with their family. They also get along great with other cats and even dogs!

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If you're worried about health problems with poodle cats, don't be! They're just as healthy as any other cat, if not more so!

Have you ever seen a cat like this?