Photographer Exposes The Hilarious Ways He Gets A Perfect Shot

Gilmar Silva

When your friends share glossy photos of themselves smiling on their wedding day, you don't see all the hours of work that went into them.

A photographer has to pick the right gear, find the right location, and make sure the lighting is just right.

And if they can't, it's their job to fix everything by spending hours using editing software.

Gilmar Silva is a photographer from Brazil - and a damn good one.

Gilmar Silva
Silva's assistant splash a couple to get an amazing effect.Gilmar Silva

He's mastered the art of making something out of nothing, either using hilarious low-tech tricks or awesome Photoshop skills to get an incredible shot.

We're not trying to expose him, because Silva shares his own behind-the-scenes pictures in a series he calls Lugar X Photo (Place vs. Picture).

1. This little light of mine

2. Take a look in this book

3. Hey, you're blocking traffic!

4. Feeling blue?

Gilmar Silva
The blue Powerade bottle becomes a beautiful filter for Silva's picture.Gilmar Silva

5. Great photo, rain or shine

6. Need a hand?

7. See things from a new perspective

8. Talk about natural lighting

9. See where his editing skills come in handy?

10. Just add a splash of creativity

11. Location, location, location

12. Ready for a change of season?

13. Not so romantic up close

14. I think it's about to start raining...

15. I spy...

16. Very clever

17. A little sunshine works wonders

18. Great angle, great timing

19. Private pond


21. Small puddle, big change

22. No matter how many times you see it, it's impressive

23. Any location can catch Silva's eye

24. The couple flipped the water with their own hands, while a hiding assistant provided the splash

25. A low-tech trick

26. Not so glamorous in real life

27. Leaf it to Silva, he always gets his shot

28. I'm speechless

29. Okay, we get it, you're a wizard

See even more of Silva's beautiful photos on Facebook.

And follow his Instagram account for more behind the scenes shots.