Here's The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape - And The Style You Should Always Avoid

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Your face shape is probably the most important thing to consider when getting a haircut and trying out a new hairstyle.

If you're unsure what your face shape is, here's a quick guide to figure that out.

According to Total Beauty, drawing your face or looking at a picture of yourself will help to give you clues as to what shape of face you have. It's actually easier than you think!

There are six common face shapes. Read the short descriptions for each below to see which one you have.

Diamond Face: Jaw line wider than forehead.

Heart-Shaped Face: Wide forehead and cheekbones, narrow jaw.

Square Face: Forehead same width as jaw line.

Oval Face: Long face with round hairline. Forehead is a little wider than your chin.

Round Face: Width and length of face almost the same.

Oblong Face: Long, slender with a narrow chin and high forehead.

Now that you know what your face shape, here are the haircuts and hairstyles that suit you best.

Diamond Shape

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What works:

  • You'll want to soften the harsh angles on your face by adding bangs.
  • Long, sweeping bangs are particularly striking on heart-shaped faces.
  • Don't be afraid to cut your hair shoulder length.

What doesn't:

  • Stay away from hairstyles that make your face look longer.

Heart Shape

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What works:

  • You'll want to draw attention to your eyes, mouth, and cheekbones.
  • Hairstyles with bangs and a lot of volume on the side of your face will make your facial features pop.
  • Like you can see the photos of Reese Witherspoon above, sweeping bangs that touch the corner of the eye are very appealing.

What doesn't:

  • Choppy layers will only add too many angles to your face.

Square Shape

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What works:

  • Long layers that curl up will nicely frame your face.
  • Wispy bangs will soften the angles in your face.
  • Try to keep your hair past your chin.

What doesn't:

  • Bangs to the side are okay, but not if they're straight on your face.

Oval Shape

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If you have a face shape like Kate Middleton or Jennifer Connelly, you're lucky!

It all works:

  • Women with oval faces look flattering in almost every hairstyle, thanks to the symmetry of their face.
  • If you've been dying to try a new style, you'll pull it off.

Round Shape

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Just because women with round faces have few angles, like Mila Kunis and Kate Bosworth, it doesn't mean you can't achieve a flattering hairstyle.

What works:

  • Face-framing layers.
  • Long, side-sweeping bangs.

What doesn't:

  • Hair shorter than your chin, such as bobs, and heavy, straight bangs.

Oblong Shape

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What works:

  • Try to add more width to your face by cutting your hair shoulder or chin-length.
  • Bangs, like you can see in the photo of Liv Tyler, are also great to shorten the look of your face.

What doesn't:

  • Avoid long, straight hair as much as possible.

Of course, style your hair whatever way makes you happy, but these are some good tips to keep in mind!

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