11 Divorces That Cost Celebrities More Than We'll Ever Make In A Lifetime

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Even though you say "til death do us part" in your wedding vows, in today's day and age, nothing is guaranteed anymore.

With divorce rates higher than ever, it's a practical decision to protect your assets before you tie the knot. However, some people foolishly believe their relationship will stand the test of time and choose not to get a prenup.

Their decision can be costly, especially if they're worth millions of dollars. If you never wanted to work a day in your life again, try marrying one of Hollywood's hottest stars... and then splitting up for the fast cash.

It may sound cruel, but once you see how much these former celebrity spouses got in their divorce settlement, you might just change your mind.

11. Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander - $20 million

When Lionel Richie first set his sights on Diane Alexander, he was still married to his first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie.

The couple were together for 18 years and welcomed their children Miles and Sofia into the world before they called it quits in 2003.

Alexander, who was used to living in the lap of luxury, petitioned to get a clothing and plastic surgery allowance from the "Hello" singer. While she originally petitioned for $300,000 of spousal support a month, she decided to accept a $20 million settlement.

Although Richie is now in a relationship with model Lisa Parigi, he doesn't plan on walking down the aisle anytime soon.

"I've been there twice and it was very expensive for me. I've no idea to go there a third time - women have killed it for me," he told the Daily Mirror.

"Kids aren't the problem - ex wives are. That's why I won't marry again, but I'm happy to commit in other ways," he added.

10. Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan - $30 million

Oh Hulk Hogan, you were suppose to leave the drama in the wrestling ring, not make more with your wife!

The couple had been together for 25 years before they split up, with Linda Hogan blaming the demise of their relationship on Hogan's abuse and infidelity with model, Christiane Plante.

"My kids to this day are still reeling, and they can't get their feet back on planet earth," Linda said in an interview with Us Weekly. "I can't get my life back on track either. I don't know, what am I supposed to do? Start over now that I'm 57? I don't know where I fit in in this world any more."

"I was honest, I was a good wife. I never cheated on him," she added.

Of course, Linda wasn't done airing their dirty laundry and wrote an open letter to her ex-husband in 2016.

"You have single handedly ruined our 25-year marriage and our family... my trust, my love, my future, our future family with grandchildren, holidays, weddings, our kids' lives, homes, their ability to trust, our poor animals, friends, neighbors, your career, finances, trademarks, retirement, your legacy, your reputation, your health... even your soul. You lost it all."

9. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen - $40 million

Before Charlie Sheen got into his "Winning!" and "Tiger Blood" phase, he was married to Denise Richards from 2002 to 2006. The marriage produced two children, Sam and Rose, but ended due to Sheen's secret romps with prostitutes and alleged abusive behavior.

In Richards' divorce filing, she asked the courts to significantly limit Sheen's time with their children, which led to a nasty divorce.

"There was a lot of verbal abuse. He never hit me; it was a lot of verbal. Arguments got heated. That scared me," told Oprah.

A lot of people said I was being manipulative and conniving and controlling. That wasn’t the case," the actress continued. "I think anyone in their right mind as a parent would have done what I did. My whole thing was about the girls and keeping them safe."

8. Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker - $45 million

Before Michael Douglas tied the knot with Catherine Zeta-Jones, he was married to Diandra Luker for 23 years.

Of course when a couple is together for that long, it's not surprising that the divorce proceedings would take a while until it's all said and done.

Luker wanted half of Douglas' Wall Street 2 earnings as she was still married to him at the time the original film was shot. Eventually she ended up receiving $45 million, which was half of her ex's net worth in 1995.

When Douglas was asked in 2013 if he regretted anything in life, he was quick to say it was how long he was involved with Luker.

"I know I’m going to get into trouble here. I have nothing against her and in fact I’m very fond of my first wife. But we should have ended that marriage eight or ten years earlier," Douglas told the Daily Mirror.

"It took me too long to realize that if you go to a marriage counselor to resolve problems, it’s in his interest to keep the marriage going," he added.

7. Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer - $60 million

With two failed marriages under Kelsey Grammer's belt, you would think Camille would've seen it as a red flag before they wed in 1997.  

While they seemed happy in front of the cameras, their marriage slowly broke down behind closed doors.

Kelsey said his marriage to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star ended after 13 years due to her fame hungry nature.

“I don’t want to say a lot of bad things, but some very bad things were said,” Kelsey said in an interview with Oprah.

"Some threats were made, and some extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend that we can be civil. It needs to be handled by other people," he continued.

Two weeks after their divorce became official, Kelsey married his mistress, Kayte Walsh, who he's still with today.

6. Madonna and Guy Ritchie - $76 million to $92 million

While it was originally said that filmmaker Guy Ritchie didn't want any of his ex-wife's multi-million fortune, his massive payout begs to differ.

After eight years of marriage, the judge awarded Ritchie between a staggering $76 million to $92 million settlement, which doubled his net worth in 2008.

“I enjoyed my first marriage. It’s definitely not something I regret. The experience was ultimately very positive. I love the kids that came out of it, and I could see no other route to take," Ritchie told Details in 2011.

"But you move on, don’t you? You’re right, I stepped into a soap opera, and I lived in it for quite a long period of my life. I’ll probably be more eloquent on it 10 years from now," he shared.

Although you might think the "Material Girl" singer got the short end of the stick, she seemed to be thrilled to get out of her marriage.

"There were times when I felt incarcerated. I wasn’t really allowed to be myself," Madonna told The Sun.

"It doesn’t mean that marriage is a bad thing. But if you’re an artist you’ve got to find someone who accepts who you are and are comfortable with that," the singer

5. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren - $110 million

While life hasn't been too kind to Tiger Woods, we can accurately say it's his own fault.

Back in 2010, the pro golfer made waves after he crashed into a fire hydrant close to his home. He allegedly got into the car after having a huge fallout with his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, for his philandering ways.

It would only be a matter of days before it was revealed Woods was having an affair with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, along with several others.

While Nordegren kept a relatively low profile after she filed for divorce from her billionaire husband, she was able to walk away with a cool $110 million. Although she did sign a prenup, it was speculated that it was renegotiated after the humiliating scandal broke out.

"I’ve been through hell," she told PEOPLE in 2009. "It’s hard to think you have this life, and then all of a sudden—was it a lie? You’re struggling because it wasn’t real. But I survived. It was hard, but it didn’t kill me."

4. Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan - $168 million

Back in 2006, fans were shocked when it was announced that NBA legend Michael Jordan was getting a divorce from his wife, Juanita.

The couple had been together for 17 years, and despite the fact Juanita had filed for divorce for the first time in 2002, it was widely believed they had what it took to stand the test of time.

"I’m shocked and disappointed that their marriage didn’t work," family friend Les Coney told PEOPLE. "I think they’re wonderful people and I have no doubt they’ll be putting their kids first."

While the former couple still talk, she had no idea her ex-husband had planned to make a second trip to the alter.

"Mostly our conversations are about the children. I don’t remember him saying, 'By the way, I’m getting married,'" she told Chicago Business.

"Divorce was certainly new to me. I had to learn that you have to communicate. That it’s not about you or your ex-partner. It’s about making sure the children are all right," she said.

Since Juanita was about to score a $168 million settlement, Michael made sure his second wife, Yvette Prieto, sign a prenup.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver - $250 million

When it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered secret son with his housekeeper in 1997, it became the one of the biggest scandals of 2012.  

Once the news became public, Maria Shriver quickly filed for divorce from her husband after 25 years of marriage.

But, despite the intense media coverage surrounding the famous family, the mother-of-four made sure her kids were kept out of the spot light.

"This is a painful and heartbreaking time," Shriver said in 2011. "As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal."

While it's been reported that Shriver received between $250 million and $375 million, the former couple aren't actually officially divorced.

However, Schwarzenegger has taken full responsibility for the breakup of their relationship, and has said so on numerous occasions.  

"I don’t need any time to reflect when I know it was a major, major screw-up," the Terminator actor told Harvey Levin during his appearance on Fox's TV show, OBJECTified.

2. Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson - $425 million

After 31 years of marriage and seven children together, Mel and Robyn Gibson announced their plans to divorce in 2009.

"Throughout our marriage and separation we have always striven to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so," the only statement released by the pair read.

Even though rumors suggested Mel's relationship with Oksana Grigorieva, it was revealed the former couple had been separated for three years, after the Mad Max star was pulled over for a DUI in Malibu.

Along with plenty of other former couples on this list, Mel and Robyn didn't have a prenup, and she got herself a $425 million payout, which was exactly half of his fortune. To add more insult to injury, Mel was also ordered has to give his ex-wife half of his pension.

1. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch Mann - $1.7 billion

While Rupert Murdoch isn't technically a celebrity, he gets the top spot on this list for his astonishing $1.7 billion divorce settlement.

The chairman and CEO of the News Corporation had been married to Anna Murdoch Mann (née Torv) for 32 years before they called it quits.

The breakup was especially difficult for Mann, because it only took her ex-husband 17 days after their divorce was finalized to tie the knot yet again. It would be his third marriage to a woman who was 37 years his junior.

"I think that Rupert's affair with Wendi Deng - it's not an original plot - was the end of the marriage," Mann told Australian Women's Weekly in 2001. "His determination to continue with that. I thought we had a wonderful, happy marriage. Obviously, we didn't."

"[He] was extremely hard, ruthless and determined that he was going to go through with this, no matter what I wanted or what I was trying to do to save the marriage. He had no interest in that whatsoever," she added.

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