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10 Reasons Why Middle Children Are More Successful

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Have you heard that the middle child is going extinct? As more families are choosing to have fewer kids or none at all, the middle child may be something of the past in the next few decades.

But if you were born before the turn of the century, then there's a huge chance that you have two or more siblings.

And if you're reading this article, you're probably the middle child.

Contrary to what your older and younger sibling have told you, being the middle child is the best.

So you may not have gotten the most attention from your parents and you may not have been the wisest of them all, but there were a lot of other perks to being like the main character on Malcolm in the Middle.

1. You know how to problem solve

You've definitely been caught in the middle of many fights (verbal and physical) between your older and younger sibling.

Since you rarely had the option to walk away, because you probably had to share a room with one of them and had to hear them dwelling on a puny fight, you learned how to deal with the situation at hand.

These experiences have helped you to become a better problem solver and decision maker.

You tend to look for the logical route and know how to manage people so that they get along.

2. You have many famous middle children to look up to

Next time you find yourself complaining about Middle Child Syndrome, remember that there are a lot of famous people who are also middle children.

Highly successful middle children include billionaire Warren Buffet, Jennifer Lopez, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and David Letterman.

Sometimes, it's a good thing when your parents don't pay too much attention to you and let you do your own thing.

Here's why...

3. You take risks

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you focus on yourself.

And when you rely on yourself, you become stronger and take more risks.

Fear is not the driving force of your life, and because you've had to overcome the general hardships of being a middle child, you're willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Also, let's be honest, middle children get away with a lot of things because parents are so focused on the younger or older sibling.

The world is our oyster!

4. You're kindhearted and understanding

You have a knack for seeing things from different perspectives.

As the middle child, you've had to be kind to your younger sibling and stand up to your older sibling who likes to push you and everyone else around.

Your empathetic nature has made you a better and stronger person, giving you the ability to foster stronger relationships with others.

Also, the fact is that empathetic and kind people are just generally happier. And we all know that the most important thing in life is happiness.

5. You know how to manage money

Just like how you can manage relationships, you're also great at managing your financial situation.

That's because you've never been spoiled by your parents. And if you didn't grow up rich, then you definitely never got a handout.

You're a hard worker and you never like to waste a single cent of your hard-earned money.

You tend to see quality over quantity, and that's something your siblings secretly admire you for.

6. You're probably the smartest (sh!)

So you may not be wisest, but you're probably the smartest.

You learned a lot from your older sibling and you had the chance to teach that knowledge to your younger sibling.

This means that you've been giving your brain a workout more than others.

Also, intelligence doesn't necessarily mean you scored highest on a standard IQ test. People can be smart in all sorts of things.

7. You're confident, because you just have to be

You're not cocky like your oldest sibling, and you're not overly sensitive like your younger sibling.

You're just confident.

You've already seen how your oldest sibling's narcissism has backfired and that waiting on for someone to give you confidence like your younger brother or sister isn't going to work, so you've found the perfect balance between the two.

8. You have the most fun

The perk of having siblings is that you can choose which one you like better. Or, you choose which one you'll have more fun with.

Being the middle child means you're likely the right age to hang out with your younger sibling and your older sibling.

You're probably not picky either, which is why you have a great time wherever you go.

9. You know how to be productive

When you were a kid you probably hated being the middle child because that meant you had to do more chores.

I honestly don't know why that happens to almost every middle child, but it just does.

On the bright side, you're not lazy and you know how to make the most of your time.

Time is all we've got in this world, so better not to waste it! You're one step ahead of the game!

10. There's really no one like you

Middle children are not like older or younger siblings.

Each one of them are unique, and it's so upsetting to hear that there will be less middle children in the world in the coming decades.

It's quite a unique experience to be born in the middle, so be proud of yourself!

Are you a proud middle child?

So there are lot of perks to being a middle child, but there are perks being the youngest too. Click here to read about it!