7 Times Meghan Markle's Outfits Got Her Into Trouble With The Royals

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went public with their relationship, the couple have become two of the most talked about members of the British royal family.

The media have closely followed the newly-appointed Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the last year, nitpicking every aspect of their lives, including how they act and dress.

Meghan has always made headlines for her fashion choices, and for the most part, she's received praise for her outfits. Like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan is a strong fashion influencer and everything the new royal wears is sold out in minutes.

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However, trying to adjust to a new royal dress code while under the watchful eye of the public is no easy feat. While she does get it right most of the time, there have been instances in which Meghan committed some fashion faux pas and got people talking.

Here are seven times Meghan's outfits broke the royal rules and caused controversy:

1. Dublin blunder

After attending multiple official duties all over the U.K., Meghan and Harry took their first international trip as Duke and Duchess to visit Ireland.

The Suits alum pulled out all the fashion stops with a total of four outfits during the two-day visit, and while she was applauded for her choices, there was one minor blunder that people couldn't get over.

Can you spot it?

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It's really hard to catch, but there were some eagle-eyed royal watchers who noticed that Meghan's brown Strathberry handbag still had the plastic metal protectors at the bottom.

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Perhaps she did it on purpose to protect the metals or she was simply too busy preparing for the day that she forgot to take them off.  

It's possible that this small detail is frowned upon by the Queen, but at the end of the day, it makes her more relatable to all of us because she's not above making mistakes.

2. The wrong bag

Meghan had another "she's just like us" moment with another bag from Strathberry during her and Harry's first official joint visit to Scotland.


While most people were drawn to her beautiful tartan coat, there were some who thought she made the wrong move by wearing the green purse across her body, which has never been done by another royal.

Like Kate, Camilla and the Queen, Meghan has only been spotted holding a clutch or handbag, so it came as a surprise to many when she broke royal protocol while in Edinburgh.

Royal expert William Hanson is convinced that royals almost always carry a clutch because it's a way to avoid shaking hands.

“It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married into the family) unless their hand extends first,” William  told the Daily Mail. “The Duchess of Cambridge may well prefer not to shake hands with certain people—but there are other ways to achieve this, as used by the Queen and other members of the royal family, [rather] than opting for a clutch over a bag with a strap."

3. No hats allowed

Two years ago, in the midst of rumors that she was dating Prince Harry, Meghan attended Wimbledon in a very casual outfit, which included her favorite hat and sunglasses.

Now, as Duchess, she returned to the stands to watch the women's final match. While her taste in fashion remained the same, this time the rules were different.

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Accompanied by Kate, Meghan paired her stripped mens-inspired shirt and wide legged trousers with sunglasses and a hat, which she ended holding the entire time.

Not wearing the hat seems like an odd move, but it turns out, a seat in the royal box means you have to follow certain etiquette, which includes not wearing a hat.

“Protocol – dress is smart, suits/jacket and tie, etc. Ladies are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them,” according to Wimbledon’s description of the royal box on their website.

4. Too much skin

How much skin is too much skin when you're a royal? Well, it depends on the occasion.

For official events, women and men tend to stick to the day dress code. For women, this means wearing a hat, dress that's more formal and ideally knee length. It is also best to have one's shoulders covered.


Meghan broke some of these rules when she made her Trooping the Color celebrations in June.

Although she looked stunning in her pink off-the-shoulder dress, people felt that it was too revealing for the ceremony.

Reports noted that Meghan showed off too much skin, especially when compared to the rest of her new family, who had all opted for longer-sleeved frocks or dress suits.

5. Bare legs

It's not just her shoulders that Meghan likes to show off, she doesn't seem to enjoy covering up her legs either.

Meghan broke her first unofficial royal policy when she and Harry stepped out to the photocall after announcing their engagement.

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Wearing pantyhose with short dresses or skirts is a tradition that the royal ladies have upheld for decades to avoid showing a lot of skin, but Meghan opted to go bare-legged instead.

Royal fashion rule purists weren't impressed with her choice, and they made it known.

Hanson thinks Meghan needs to ask her fellow royals for pointers to avoid making such "fairly basic mistakes."

"When she got engaged [her outfit] was too short, the dress underneath was longer, [the coat] was white and it was the start of winter really," he added.

6. Missing accessory

Big hats weren't the only accessory that was required at the Royal Ascot race that took place in mid-June.

For admission into the exclusive royal box, members are required to wear a name tag. While Harry had his on, it seems like Meghan was missing hers.

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In the past, Kate and many other royal women wore their tags, so many wondered why Meghan seemed to be an exception to this rule.

According to People, wearing the name tag is actually a personal choice, and it appears that Meghan was holding it in her hands the entire time.

She didn't put it on because she was most likely taking a cue from the Queen and mother-in-law Camilla, both of whom did not have theirs on.

7. Coat fail

If there's one thing Meghan loves more than handbags, it's a chic coat. The new royal has an impeccable taste in coats, and has pulled off a lot of timeless looks in them.

Still, she managed to have a faux pas that changed the fit of a coat ensemble she wore before her highly-publicized nuptials.

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While on an outing with her prince, Meghan wore a gorgeous navy J. Crew coat, but most of the attention was taken away from the rest of the outfit when people noticed that the "tailor's tack," an X-shaped stitch to keep the coat's shape while on display.

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For many, it may seem like the stitch is part of the design, but it's actually meant to be removed. Taking it off will allow the slit to open up and make the coat appear less boxy and more tailored.

It's a very common mistake, and we're sure it was just an oversight on Meghan and her stylist's part.

While Meghan's fashion mistakes may be frowned upon by royal watchers, in some ways it's nice to see someone of her caliber isn't letting ridiculous rules stop her from showing off her personal taste.

Plus, she's not the only duchess who has gotten in trouble because of her clothing. Check out these 9 Times Kate Middleton's Outfits Caused Controversy.