24 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide That Will Make Your Life Easier

It's very likely that you already have a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide at home. It's probably sitting in your medicine cabinet waiting to be used to treat a cut or scrape, but did you know that that it has so many other amazing uses?

The low-cost solution comes in handy for a number of things, from cleaning your home to personal hygiene.

Here are 24 ways you can use it to make your life easier:

1. Get rid of dust mites


No matter how clean your mattress is, dust mites are inevitable. The feces of these microscopic creatures contain DerP1, which is a very strong allergen. If you're allergic, you may experience symptoms similar to asthma as well as sinus problems and skin irritation.

To prevent dust mites from building up in your mattress and pillows, spray hydrogen peroxide on them. Don't do this too often because excess hydrogen peroxide could cause discoloration on your bedding and linens.

2. Soak kitchen and bathroom sponges

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Kitchen and bathroom sponges are used to clean so many different things and as a result they end up looking dirty and smelling bad.

If your sponges still have some life left, don't throw them out. Instead soak them in a solution of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide until they look clean, then rinse them thoroughly.

If no change happens after the soak, then it's time to replace them.

3. Disinfect toothbrushes

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Were you aware that you're supposed replace your toothbrush every three months? Of course, not everyone does this so you shouldn't feel about it.

If you're too busy to run to the store for a new brush, you can disinfect your current one by soaking it in hydrogen peroxide. You can also do it for retainers as well as mouth guards.

4. Remove dried bloodstains


Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in brightening and bleaching, so it's perfect for getting rid of tough stains. If you have a dried blood stain on a white fabric, just pour some HP onto it, then let it sit for a few minutes before you blot and rinse it under cold water.

5. Rinse your mouth

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Using mouthwash after you brush and floss may not seem like a necessary step to some people, but it's actually very helpful in promoting oral health by fighting against tooth decay and conditions like gingivitis.

If you don't like purchasing expensive mouthwashes, you can make your own by mixing equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. As you would with regular mouth wash, just swish it around your mouth, then spit out.

This rinse will not only whiten teeth, it will also get rid of canker sores and bad breath.

If you suffer from a toothache that's showing signs of an infection, you can also get some relief by using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Swish it around your mouth for a few seconds before rinsing several times with water.

6. Soothe a sore throat


If you're having a hard time getting rid of a sore throat, look no further than the brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

One method is to mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and warm boiled water and gargle it. The other is to dip a wool covered stick in 3% HP and apply it to your tonsils.

Be very careful not to swallow hydrogen peroxide, it can have some harmful side effects.

7. Hydrate your skin

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If you're in need of a remedy for dry skin, try taking a bath infused with hydrogen peroxide. The extra oxygen it adds to the water will help hydrate your skin and make it feel softer.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties will also help ward off pathogens that irritate skin and cause infections.

8. Clean fruits and vegetables


While water is usually the only thing you need to clean fruits and vegetables, sometimes adding a little food-grade hydrogen peroxide will ensure bacteria is killed.

Just make sure to thoroughly rinse them with water after using HP.

9. Treat small cuts


Use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area around the wound after running the injured area under water.

Avoid dabbing it on the actual cut because it won't actually disinfect it. When you apply the antiseptic directly on the cut or scrape, it kills the healthy tissues and cells that help it heal.

10. Get rid of athlete's foot


Get some relief from the itching and burning sensation that accompanies athlete's foot by using hydrogen peroxide.

For best results, soak your feet in equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. The anti-fungal properties will get rid of the painful condition in no time.

On top of killing foot fungus, the soak will soften corns and calluses.

11. Whiten your finger nails

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While diet can play a role in the health of your nails, sometimes other factors,  like smoking and nail polish, can cause nail discoloration.

To get your nails looking clear and healthy again, make a paste with one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts baking soda, then gently massage it over your nail beds.

Allow it to work its magic for two to three minutes, then rinse it off and pat your fingers dry.

12. Wipe down the fridge


If you want to thoroughly clean your fridge and get rid of unpleasant odors, empty it out then spray some hydrogen peroxide all over.

Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then wipe it clean.

13. Treat sweat stains


Some people have the tendency to sweat more than others, and this leaves clothes with some really tough stains.

Combine one part dishwashing liquid and two part hydrogen peroxide, then apply it to the stain and let it sit for at least an hour before adding it to your load.

14. Lighten hair color


Want to change up your 'do without the expensive salon prices and lengthy process? You can use hydrogen peroxide to subtly lighten your hair over time.

To make your hair lighter, put equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle. Spray your locks with the mixture, then use a comb to distribute it before allowing with to dry.

It won't happen overnight, but you'll eventually start to notice some highlights in your hair.

15. Get streak-free mirrors


Cleaning mirrors around the house shouldn't be a difficult task if you know the right tricks.

For streak-free results, spray hydrogen peroxide onto a paper towel or microfiber cloth, then wipe down the mirrors until they're clean.

16. Add it to the dishwasher


Dishwashers are fantastic, but after many uses, you may start to notice that your dishes aren't coming out as clean as you'd want them to.

You can remedy this issue by adding a couple of ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your dishwashing detergent. You'll see the difference right away.

To clean and disinfect your dishwasher, you can spray some HP all over the empty machine and let it sit for a while, then wipe it off.  

17. Remove burned-on food

Food Hacks

Removing caked-on food from pots and pans can be an nightmare, but thankfully, there are a few solutions that'll help make the task less difficult.

Instead of wasting your time scrubbing, just mix some hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of baking soda until it forms a paste and apply it to the areas that need cleaning. The peroxide will help break up the particles, while the baking soda acts as an abrasive.

After about 15-20 minutes, use warm water to scrub the stain away.

18. Clean kid's toys


Young children will put anything in their mouth, so every parent has their own method of cleaning their children's toys.

Soaps and disinfectant wipes work well, but if you're looking for a non-toxic way to effectively get rid of the germs on toys, simply spray them with some hydrogen peroxide, then wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

19. Brighten white clothes

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Not only is bleach toxic, it will also ruin the quality of your clothes. Instead add half-a-cup of hydrogen peroxide to the load with your white clothes, and you'll get the same results.

20. Wash shower curtains


Certain shower curtains cannot be washed in the machine, so to get rid of the grime and germs, wipe your curtain with hydrogen peroxide.

21. Clean your humidifier


Humidifiers are very useful, but they can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You should be regularly cleaning the machine, and one of the best ways to do so is by using soap and water, then disinfecting it with a solution made with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water.

22. Grow your garden


Weeds stop your herbs and flowers from growing properly, but hydrogen peroxide can help put an end to them.

Mix one ounce of peroxide with one quart of water and spray it on the weeds, then rinse them out with water after 15 minutes. They'll be gone in no time.

23. Remove skunk odor

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The odor a skunk leaves behind is one of the hardest smells to get rid of, but it's no match for this deodorizing DIY solution made with hydrogen peroxide.

Combine one quart of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda, and one teaspoon of liquid dish soap, then use it to wash the stench off your skin or your pet's fur.

24. Fight acne

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Finally, hydrogen peroxide can be used in the place of antibacterial soap to help clear up acne from your skin. It will also help speed up the healing process of infected zits by killing bacteria.

Do you use hydrogen peroxide for anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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