30 Pictures That Prove Flying Is An Insane Experience

Daily Mail / 9gag

When you're on a plane, you have no choice but to sit and observe everything that's happening around you.

Being trapped with a bunch of strangers thousands of feet above ground is terrifying, but it can also be hilarious.

Here are 30 photos of things people have seen on a plane that will make you laugh and shake your head at the same time.

1. When you got no choice but to find a parachute

2. Don't be afraid to look closely

3. When you're serious about no one touching you

4. "Leave me alone, I bought my ticket"

5. It is her chair... but this is still wrong

6. When you're closer to the sun than you'll ever be, so you gotta make the most of it

7. Get off now.

8. "Heard you don't want your food"

9. We've all been here

10. I need to make one of these notes

11. "What 'chu lookin' at fool"

12. Are you serious?

13. Sir, I said SIR.

14. "May the odds of us landing be ever in our favor"

15. Is that undies I see?

16. When the movies aren't any good so you have to get creative

17. Tickle them and they'll never put their feet up like that again

18. "Baaack up. This is maaa seat."

19. Get off before it's too late.

20. NO. NO. NO.

21. Oh no, she didn't.

22. Better safe than sorry

23. The baby on the right wants some too.

24. Whoever did this needs to be banned from public spaces forever

25. I can sense a migraine coming..

26. This would probably ruin the rest of my vacation

27. When that nasty feet smell invades your personal space

28. If you're tired and you know it, make it obvious

29. My heart would skip a beat

30. I wouldn't be laughing...

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