20 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Deserve An Award

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The miracle of life is one of the most important moments for a dad- and mom-to-be.

Some people try to craft their pregnancy announcement with much care and thought, and then there are others who get a good kick out of it.

Here are 20 couples who had a very good sense of humor upon hearing they're expecting.

1. Neither of them could stomach the news.

2. He hasn't quite figured out how to hold the squirt toys...yet.


3. It's called the miracle of birth for a reason. It's a miracle the baby knows how to build him or herself.

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4. Yes, very traditional.

5. I wouldn't say goodbye forever to these items, but definitely for a few years, which can often feel like forever.

6. He registered that news, crystal clear.

7. Ice, ice, baby.

Angie Cantrell/CafeMom

8.  By the looks of it, I think this toddler and her sibling are going to end up fighting for that crib.

9. The cat's got a lot to learn. First, no smacking the baby!


10. This one is my favorite! The little girl with her apple juice belly makes me laugh every time.

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11. Oh dear, does mama have a surprise for you!

Kaitlyne Tyner / Cafemom

12. Let's just hope it's not another girl... A boy might ease the tension.

Imgur / Stay At Home Mum

13. No one wants to lose the status of being the youngest, but the eldest child doesn't seem to mind.


14. Panic! I couldn't have said it better myself. The cat doesn't look pleased at all.

15. Alcohol companies should start putting this warning label on their bottles.

Amanda Carrington/CafeMom

16. The guide is simple: All of the food in the house belongs to the mom-to-be.

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17. And the cabin has been pressurized.

18. Again, being the middle child isn't so great. On the bright side, she has someone younger than her to boss around.

lileubies on Instagram

19. What to expect? Well, dad jokes of course. And lots of them.

20. Figuratively speaking, the sign should be pluralized.

Do you have a funny pregnancy announcement? Share your story in the comments!

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