Gloria Vanderbilt's Childhood Home Is On The Market And The Photos Are Stunning

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For those not part of New York's elite, living the lifestyles of the rich and famous is something we can only imagine.

While the extravagance is unmeasured compared to the middle class way of life, us regular folk can live vicariously through our favorite stars just by looking at the pictures they offer up.

After years in the public eye, 94-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt is one of the city's most notable socialites, and has had nothing less than a lavish life.

Of course, these luxuries include her multi-million dollar homes, and lucky for us, one has just hit the market.

Although most of us don't have $30 million to spend, we can still fawn over the beauty that is inside this Upper East Side mansion.

The Kitchen

If you already knew the Vanderbilts lived a grandiose lifestyle, you won't be surprised to learn that after the family moved out of their home, their townhouse was transformed into three separate apartments.

While all three properties are on sale, it's the penthouse that has the people talking.

The kitchen is a modernist's dream, which has a "long marble-and-dark-wood island with hovering, globular light fixtures and state-of-the-art steel appliances." Of course this room is spacious enough to have a marble table perfect for eating every meal.

The Living Rooms

Of course, this penthouse isn't limited to just one living room, as its owners need several spaces to entertain their guests.

Although they share the same color scheme, one of the living rooms is meant to be a more relaxing environment with its corners exposed and a wall-mounted flat screen television.

The other living area offers a more formal setting, which features a trendy fireplace and a gold candelabra chandelier.

The Hallway

While Vanderbilt only lived in the townhouse for one year following her birth in 1924, the heiress said the home held significance to her family, as her father Reginald lived there prior to marrying her mother.

"He lived there during the winter months and, when summer came, moved to his house Sandy Point Farm in Newport, where he had a huge stable," she explained.

The Bedrooms

Since the current owners of the former Vanderbilt residence only paid $19 million for the home in 2014, they're expected to pocket a hefty bonus.

It covers 5,700 square feet of space, including 1,522 square feet of outside terrace space.

Filled with natural light, the penthouse has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and every room is decorated with sleek and modern decor.

The Bathrooms

Although the penthouse is the most lavish home of them all, the other properties are nothing to look down on either. Going for $16 million and $14 million respectively, who wouldn't want to say they live in the Vanderbilt's multi-million dollar estate?

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