10 Hacks Everyone Who Wears Glasses Needs To Know

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According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 64% of adults wear glasses.

When I was a kid, I thought glasses were the most attractive accessory someone could own, until my vision worsened and I was forced to wear them every single day.

If you're a longtime eyeglasses, or even sunglasses, wearer, here are 10 useful hacks that you need to know.

1. Keep your glasses from sliding down

It's annoying enough that we have to place something in front of our eyes to see!

When your glasses start sliding down because you shifted into another position, it can be very frustrating to slide it back up over and over again.

This back and forth is what makes me want to get laser eye surgery, but I decided to try this hack first.

Tightly wrapping a soft hair tie around each temple will prevent your glasses from slipping.

That's the cheaper way. For better support, Nerdwax will help to stick the bridge of your glasses to your nose.

Right now, you can get this handy tube of wax for only $11. I always keep a tube of this in my purse!

2. Frames too tight?

If you're not dealing with slipping frames, you might have the opposite problem.

Most people think they have to go to a glasses store to get their frames fixed at a hefty cost, but there are ways you can adjust tight frames on your own.


All you need to do is turn on some hot water (make sure it's not boiling!) and hold the temples of your glasses under the water for about a minute.

The heat will make your glasses more flexible so you can reshape them.

Just make sure you're reshaping them while they're lying on a solid, flat surface. And don't forget to be gentle!

3. Fix those scratches

I used to buy new glasses every time a pair would get scratched.

Of course, if your glasses are cracked, there's not much you can do yourself, but a tiny scratch is an easy fix.

According to the trusted repair guide website iFixit, vehicle wax is just what you need.

First clean your glasses, then dab some vehicle wax on the scratched area.

"Buff wax into lens with a lint-free cloth using small, circular motions until the scratch is gone. This can take up to 5 minutes. For especially deep scratches, you may need to re-apply wax and buff multiple times."

Once that's done, rinse off the glasses with lukewarm water until all the wax is gone, then dry.

4. Find your glasses in the dark

If you have trouble finding your glasses during the night, paint the ends of the temples with glow in the dark paint.

It's only a small amount that won't be visible in the day, so you really have nothing to lose!

If you're not sold on this idea, apply glow in the dark paint on your glasses case instead.

5. Missing a screw? Use a toothpick

If you're missing a screw, you should get that fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime (because you still need to see), stick a wooden toothpick inside the screw hole, and then break it.

Now you can see your way to a glasses repair kit or professional.

6. Clean glasses with dish soap

If you're like me and never buy lens cleaning solution, you'll look for anything close at hand to clean your glasses.

We all know this is a big no-no because it may lead to lens damage, but we do it anyway.

Keep in mind, cleaners, alcohol, and vinegar can destroy the coating of the lens.

The best thing you can clean your glasses is with diluted dish soap.

7. Only use microfiber tools

When cleaning your glasses, only use microfiber cloths to prevent damaging the lens.

I particularly love this mini microfiber spectacles cleaner that cleans both sides of glasses at the same time. The best part is that it can clean the hard to reach corners.

They're only $7 on Amazon, so get them while they're still in stock!

8. Keep this handy 4-in-1 screwdriver with you at all times

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I'm out and about, my glasses have a tendency to fall apart, especially the hinges.

For peace of mind, get this multipurpose eyeglasses repair tool that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Amazon is selling three of these for $9, and shipping is free! You can keep these three for yourself or you can give two of them as gifts.

9. These products will help to keep your glasses in a safe location

I absolutely despise resting my sunglasses or reading glasses on my shirt because it often stretches the fabric.

I also worry that my glasses will fall without me noticing. This has actually happened TWICE before, costing me hundreds of dollars.

The solution is simple.


Two products that I love are the necklace and magnetic eyeglass holder.

The necklace is fashionable ($14), but the magnetic holder is quite practical ($10).

10. Get rid of nosepiece marks by adding weight to the back

Another reason why millions of people around the world dread wearing glasses is because of all the marks it leaves on their face,

If adjusting your glasses doesn't work to prevent those marks, you may have to find another way to battle gravity.

You can either buy weighted ear cushions to prevent nose dents, or make your own by attaching on jewelry at the ends.

Which glasses hack will you try first?

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