19 Signs That Got Lost In Translation

OffBeatChina / ChinaWhisper

I really wish I could speak another language. I admire those who are bilingual, no matter what their languages are, because I know how difficult it is to learn something like that.

I think Asian languages are so much more difficult to learn because they're so different from English, so I always try to give a pass if someone misspeaks. But sometimes the mistakes are just too funny not to laugh at!

The people translating these signs all made valiant attempts to get the English right, but one wrong word can make all the difference.

1. I guess if used incorrectly, it could be.


2. I prefer to just cuddle my husband, but to each their own.


3. Is there a careful way to do that?


4. Wait, do I lose a foot if I go here? Or is there a missing foot just hanging around? Surely someone must have realized they're short one.

Chris Radley

5. I know I'm supposed to focus on 'potato the crap' but what is "deep-fried bean curd with odor?"

Andy Stoll

6. It's not nice to name-call, even if they're just bean sprouts.


7. When your partner asks you what you want to eat.


8. Poor Wang.


9. Straight from the toilet!


10. Pick the lesser of two evils.

Josh Bateman

11. As long as I'm the best!


12. Sounds like my in-laws...

Bored Panda

13. Why do I have to beware of it???

Chris Radley

14. There's a serious drop-off there.  


15. I would rather not do either, if that's okay.

Offbeat China

16. And you couldn't have sprung for a more professional sign?


17. Sorry, what?


18. Okay this is too cute.


19. Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

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