13 Frugal Uses For Paper Clips That You Have Never Thought Of

Other than their intended purpose, which of course, is to hold papers together, paper clips come in handy in many other ways.

Thanks to their size and malleability, paper clips can be used as a solution to different everyday problems all over your home.

Check out these 13 unique uses for paper clips that will save you a lot of time and money:

1. Repair eyeglasses


If you wear glasses then you definitely understand how annoying it can be when they slide off your nose, and you're forced to keep pushing them up.

In my case, even when I'm wearing contact lenses, I now have a habit of pushing back my imaginary specs.

Anyway, when your glasses are starting to loosen up and you don't have those special repair kits, you can readjust them yourself by using a paper clip.

Use one of the pointy ends of the tiny clip to fix the loose screws, and tighten up your glasses.

2. Bracelet fastener


It's not everyday that you can get someone to help you do up a bracelet clasp, and we all know how frustrating it can be to try and do it all by ourselves.

Next time you want to wear a bracelet and there's no one around to put it on for you, just reach for a paper clip and you'll save yourself the struggle.

Open up the paper clip, then slip the shorter, curved end into any of the tiny holes next to the one that you'll attach the clasp to.

Then hold down the other end of the paper clip with your palm and fingers. Place the bracelet around your wrist with your other hand, and fasten it. It's that easy!

3. Pit cherries

Eating Richly

It's nice to have on hand, but you absolutely do not need to spend money on a fancy cherry pitter when you can use things you already have around the house, like paper clips.

This method may take you a few tried to get, but when you do, you'll never go back.

Unfold the paper clip until it looks like an "S." Then push it down the top center of cherry until it reaches the pit. Hook the paper clip under the pit, then pull it up and it'll come right now.  

4. Clean a hairbrush


After a few uses, a hairbrush starts to clog up with strands of hair. I usually use a comb or afro pick to clear out the knotted hair, but there's a much simpler method.

Use a paperclip to clean your hairbrush. It will easily remove all the strands as well as the debris that has been caught at the bottom of the brush.

5. Fix a zipper

Bob Vila

A zipper that doesn't stay up is not only annoying, it is also embarrassing.

Save yourself from a potentially awkward situation by using a paper clip to make a DIY zipper pull.

Just thread the clip through the loop of the zipper to move it up and down. If the problem is with the zipper on your pants, then simply loop it around the button when it reaches the top and it won't come undone.

6. Egg dipper

Bob Vila

Making homemade dyed eggs is a big part of the Easter experience, but sometimes the task can be harder than it looks, especially when you don't have an egg dipper.

Luckily, there's a simple paper clip trick you can use to get the job done without much hassle.

Just bend the paper clip in a circle until it takes on a spoon-like shape that can hold up your egg, then unfold another clip and attach it to form a handle you can use to dip it in the dye.

7. Store wrapping paper


Wrapping paper is really useful, but storing it can be such a hassle because it can easily unravel.

Next thing you know the paper is creased, and the ends are frayed, so you end up throwing the roll out.

To avoid this from ever happening again, use a paper clip to hold the ends of roll together, so it won't come apart in between uses.

8. Arrange a bouquet


Do you sometimes wonder how florists are able to make some of the flimsier flower stems stay in place? Turns out, many use a special wire to fasten the stems.

Instead of spending money on pricey metal wires, use a couple of unfolded paper clips to keep the flowers in certain positions in an arrangement.

9. Tie food bags

Crazy Russian Hacker/YouTube/Country Living

If you don't have twist ties, you can still keep food in bags from drying out or going stale by using a paper clip instead.

Unravel a paper clip, then use it to tie the plastic bag so your food can stay fresh.

10.  Emergency hem

One Good Thing

If the hem of your pants, skirt, or dress comes loose and you don't have access to a sewing kit, you can temporarily secure it in place using paper clips.

11. Mark a tape roll


The most frustrating part about trying to tape something back together is trying to figure out where the end of the tape is.

You can stop this from happening again and save yourself a struggle by placing a paper clip at the end the roll.

12. Racerback bra

One Crazy House

Finding the right bra is already a lot of work, so it's totally understandable that you wouldn't go out of your way to buy certain styles that you won't wear every day.

You can easily turn your regular bra into a racerback bra that you can wear with sleeveless tops and dresses using a paper cli.

Just loop the paper clip around the straps of the bra to hold them together and you're all set!

13. Phone stand


Most smartphone users spend a lot of time watching videos, browsing recipes, playing games, and listening to music on their devices. But there's a limit to how long a phone can be held up before a person's arms start to hurt.

If you don't have a stand, you can create one for free using a paper clip and a pair of pliers.

Watch the video below to see how it's done: