30 Movies That Were Made Even Better By Being Explained Badly

Roxxy Haze Via Twitter

Twitter isn't just for politicians to talk smack about each other.

The social networking site is filled with trending hashtags that are absolutely hilarious.

My favorite hashtag of all time is #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly, where Twitter users respond to movie plots in the most clever way possible.

Take a look at these 30 movies that we're explained so perfectly, and yet so horribly at the same time. These tweets are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

1. The Incredibles

It was probably better if they weren't around...

2. Beauty and the Beast

And not only that, her kidnapper turned out to be a handsome prince.

3. Thor

To be fair, that hammer is not a toy.

4. Avatar

And an example of cultural appropriation in a foreign land.

5. Shrek

This one is so beautiful. I love Shrek!

6. Cinderella

Yeah, this one doesn't make sense. I caught on to this when I watched this movie again with my daughter.

7. Mulan

This one is so true it hurts.

8. Mad Max: Fury Road

Yeah seriously, what's up with that?

9. Harry Potter

Then that teenage bay discovers that by moving a stick in his hand he may be able to get rid of this noseless guy.

10. The Grinch

Bleak, but true. He does come around to loving the tradition by the end of the film.

11. Up

Like a lot. You'll just keep balling your eyes out 'till you need eye drops.

12. Fight Club

But he's actually one guy.

13. The Dark Knight

This makes me feel bad for the Joker.

14. Friends

Come to think of it, that's basically all they did...

15. Taken

He wants to pick up his daughter but no one will let him. So cruel!

16. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Nine hours later the ring gets destroyed.

17. Inception

I wish I could nap like they do.

18. Deadpool

Maybe that's the secret to curing cancer.

19. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I cannot think of someone more loving and friendly than E.T. Poor guy.

20. Aladdin

At least she got catfished with someone handsome.

21. Die Hard

This is why I get anxiety during Christmas.

22. The Sixth Sense

Cole, why did you lead the man on like that?!?

23. The Shining

I didn't leave my house for a week after watching this film.

24. Avengers: Age of Ultron

How did I not notice this before? This one deserves a head shake.

25. Twilight

Wasn't Edward like 100 years old? That's not cool.

26. Forrest Gump

Jenny took advantage of Forrest for three whole decades!

27. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Also, Dorothy is really tripping, if you know what I mean...

28. Little Mermaid

Amilie via Twitter

Ariel also is forced to change her looks and lose her voice so she can get the "man of her dreams."

29. The Revenant

He finally got it! I wonder if the struggle was worth it.

30. V for Vendetta

Everything he said sounded Greek to me.

Which #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly was your favorite?

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