15 Common Emojis That Don't Mean What You Think They Do


It's hard to keep up with the trends, especially when they're changing so often.

Emojis have been around since the late 90s. These adorable illustrations were created by a Japanese telecommunications company for their own purposes.

When Apple introduced it to their iPhone in 2007, it took off. Now every smartphone has an emoji keyboard.

But what do these emojis really mean? Some of the original meanings will definitely surprise you!

1. Poo

This emoji can be used to simply make someone laugh, refer to fecal matter, or compare something or someone to a plop of poo.

Generally, this emoji isn't seen as something positive.

The original meaning, however, isn't negative at all. It means good luck.

2. Praying hands? A high five?

First, let's figure out exactly what this emoji is. Some people argue that this emoji is a high-five symbol, while others are certain that it symbolizes prayer hands.

In Japanese culture, this symbol doesn't mean you're praying for someone. Folded hands are used to express apology or gratitude.

3. Teardrop

Most people use this emoji to show that they're sad, but not crying buckets. It's maybe a more exasperated sad, like "I'm tired of being sad." You get it...

Turns out the original meaning of the emoji has nothing to do with sadness. The tear is meant to look like a drool.

This is just another emoji for sleep, and now that I know the original meaning, it makes so much more sense.

4. Girl with hands on her head

This emoji has been commonly used as a twirl or to express shock. Even the girl's face seems to scream "Oh my God."

Turns out the girl with the hands on her head is making a sign for "Ok."

5. Dancing girls

The dancing girls who look like twins isn't a symbol for a girl's night out.

It's actually a symbol for Playboy bunny dancers or attractive girls.

6. Shooting star

This is one of my favorite emojis to use. Most of us think it means a shooting star, making a wish, or good luck.

If you watch anime, you may actually know the real meaning of this emoji.

This symbol is used to express dizziness, as if stars are circling around your head.

7. Girl who flicks her hair

The meaning of this emoji will surprise you!

Most people use it to express sass, but in fact the Japanese illustrated this emoji to mean an information desk girl.

I don't see it at all.

8. Hands raised

Hallelujah, am I right?

These raised hands actually mean you're celebrating or are feeling a considerable amount of joy about something positive.

Close enough.

9. Rejected emoji

Some people use this emoji to express that they're tired of all the hard work they're putting in or feel embarrassed about being rejected.

The original meaning has nothing to do with that.

In fact, this face is an emoji with cold sweats caused by high-stress situations.

10. Clenched teeth

We think the emoji showing bared teeth is meant to express that you feel uncomfortable.

Hate to burst your bubble, but this emoji is something positive. It's actually a happy, grinning face.

Who smiles like that? And if they do, stay away!

11. Death face

I know what you're thinking, how could this not be the face for getting K.O.-ed. The eyes are replaced by X's, which give off a very eerie vibe.

The original meaning of this emoji isn't that bad. It's meant to express shock and slight dizziness.

12. Gentle kissing face

Pucker up! Right?

Nope, this emoji has to be ruined too.

This face is actually meant to express someone blowing air or whistling.

Come to think of it, they don't have a whistling emoji, so this does make sense. Since not a lot of people know this, it's probably best to put this emoji beside a music note.

13. "HMPH!" face

You know when you're so angry that you feel likes fumes are coming out of your nose? That's when this emoji comes in handy. The eyebrows are even shaped downwards to express discontent.

Apparently this emoji means triumph.

This one's complicated. I see it, but I also don't see it.

14. Peace sign

Peace? I want two? What else could this mean?

It actually means none of that. The original meaning of this gesture is victory.

15. Sticking tongue out

I know you think you couldn't get this one wrong, but you probably are.

This teasing, cute face is actually someone licking their lips before getting their delicious meal.

I can see it, but I don't like it.

Which original meaning surprised you the most?

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