30 Crazy Photos Of The Subway That'll Make Even The Worst Commutes Seem Tame

Subway Creatures

Nowadays you get more entertainment while you're cooped up in your room browsing through sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

The only exception is if you take the subway in a city in NYC, Chicago, or Washington. You're likely to see some crazy things.

The Instagram profile SubwayCreatures features the most hilarious photos taken at subways from around the world.

We've collected their best photos that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

1. Pizza? More like see ya.

2. Where can I get a kid like this?

3. "Yeah guys, I see it coming."

4. "Bro, you wanna fight me?"


6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

7. This is genius and hilarious at the same time

8. Where do I get one?

9. I hope she's carrying tissues

10. Gramp has no chill

11. This is my cue to get off and catch the next subway

12. Are you serious...

13. Yeah, bye.

14. You can't believe everything you see

15. This man is my president

16. Someone get their grandpa

17. I have so many questions...

18. This is how I feel on the inside

19. Granny is living a hard-knock life

20. Is this real life...

21. How you sit when you don't want a single soul touching you

22. When all your friends are in a healthy relationship and you're out there like this:

23. This toilet has got places to be

24. This looks more comfortable than sitting on those rock-like subway seats

25. You see what I mean...

26. Gramps perfecting the Marilyn Monroe

27. When someone asks you what your superpower is

28. Wait a sec...

29. The perfect sign to put in a subway

30. Nothing unusual to see here. Nothing at all.

[Credit: Subway Creatures Instagram]

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