35 Crafty Uses For Common Household Items

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There are two kinds of people in this world.

You either look at a can of soda and see a can of soda - end of story - or you imagine the endless possibilities that can of fizzy liquid contains.

The fact is, if you're willing to think outside the box, there are so many ways to use common household items.

Whether you're trying to revitalize your wardrobe or get organized, start small and think big by using these 35 things around your home in creative ways:

1. Vodka

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There are so many reasons to keep your bar stocked with this handy drink.

On top of all its cleaning uses, a shot of vodka in a vase of water will keep cut flowers from wilting.

2. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets
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From taming frizzy hair to keeping your home smelling fresh, these handy sheets do it all.

I'm always looking for bathroom cleaning tips, and for my money nothing cleans the tub and shower like a damp dryer sheet.

3. Toothpaste

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Forget your teeth, this bathroom staple can clean everything from metal and scuffed shoes to lipstick stains.

If your smartphone screen is scratched, a quick scrub with some toothpaste will even erase some of the stains.

4. Banana peels

Banana Peel
Priwo - Wikimedia

These days we throw out plenty of food scraps that older generations were smart enough to save.

Banana peels have so many uses, including whitening your teeth.

Rub your teeth with the lighter side of the peel every morning and they'll be pearly white in just a few days.

5. Staple removers

Staple Remover
Nurture and Nestle

You thought this office tool had just one use? Think again.

It's actually perfectly designed for pulling open key rings. Never chip a fingernail pulling them apart again!

6. Mayonnaise


Don't let this ruin your appetite, but mayo and furniture polish are a lot closer than you might expect.

That means this spread is great at removing water rings left on wooden furniture. For best results, use the mayo ASAP and make sure it's not low-fat.

Dry the ring, spread mayo over it and leave it overnight. Wipe the surface clean in the morning and the ring should be gone.

7. Soda can tabs

Soda tab hanger
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Have you just been throwing these out with the can? What a waste!

These tabs are a handy way to join a pair of hangers together. Keep your favorite outfits together and double your closet space.

8. Mason jars

Mason Jars

These vintage containers are more popular than ever these days.

While they're still great for canning, they've also been repurposed as storage containers, light fixtures, and even cocktail shakers.

If you need a little inspiration, we have 40 crafty ideas for these versatile jars.

9. Kool-Aid


It's not just a refreshing summer drink. Kool-Aid powder is also great for removing stains and smells.

Use it to scrub down your toilet bowl, or pour the lemonade-flavored powder into your dishwasher to leave it smelling fruity and fresh.

10. Beer

Your Life Choices

Enjoy a cold glass of beer in your garden this summer, and wipe out backyard pests at the same time.

A shallow container of beer left in your flower bed will attract and kill slugs and snails.

11. Rubber bands

Rubber Bands
50 Years 50 Recipes

Ever have trouble with a stubborn pickle or peanut butter jar?

Just stretch an elastic band around the lid. You'll get a much better grip and it should pop open.

And that's not the only thing they're good for.

12. Windex

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Window cleaner doesn't just shine up your windows.

It also brings shine back to patent leather clothing. Spray a bit on a cloth and use it to polish your leather goods.

13. Vinegar

Cushy Spa - Flickr / Savvy

If you haven't already added vinegar to your beauty routine, now is the time.

On top of keeping your skin healthy and cleaning your bathroom, vinegar is also a powerful, natural weed killer.

Mix it with a little salt and dish soap in a spray bottle and say goodbye to pesky weeds.

14. Baby powder

Baby powder
Mike Mozart - Flickr

I still use this to keep my shoes smelling fresh, but that's not all it's good for.

If you get an oil stain on your clothes, soaking it in baby powder overnight should draw out the stain.

If you have a knot that's too tight to unfasten, a pinch of baby powder will also loosen it up.

15. Old newspapers

Dover Air Force Base

You can find a use for this scrap paper in just about every room of our house.

Broadsheets make handy shelf liners, and any black and white pages will shine dark shoes.

Newspaper also absorbs foul odors, so keeping balls of it in shoes or Tupperware containers leaves them smelling fresh.

16. Soap

The Lewis Republic - Wikimedia

There are so many reasons to save your leftover soap scraps.

They relieve itching, you can recycle them to make liquid soap, and the smell will also repel rodents and bugs.

Best of all, they're handy for pre-treating stains in your laundry.

17. Paper clips

Paper clip

These little metal bits are an essential part of any woman's jewelry kit.

Stretch them out, and they become a handy way to fasten on a necklace or bracelet without any help.

Bend an extra large clip and you can even zip up a dress without assistance.

18. Rubber gloves

Rubber Gloves

Live with a dog or cat? Then your furniture is probably covered in pet hair.

An quick and easy way to clean your furniture is to put on a pair of rubber gloves and rub your hands over the messy pieces.

The gloves naturally attract hair like a magnet.

19. Kitty litter

Kitty litter
Arizona Daily Independent

Speaking of pets and messes, kitty litter can soak up bad odors in any room of your home.

Leave a dish in the fridge, your shoe closet, or in the bottom of a new trash bag to keep your home smelling fresh.

20. WD-40

Eva K - Wikimedia

Every home in America has at least one can of this versatile spray lying around.

It's useful for squeaky hinges and drawers, but it can keep your home clean too.

If your little ones use their crayons on your walls, a spray of WD and a quick wipe will make them look good as new.

21. Cinnamon

Kjokkenutstyr Net - Flickr

Spice up your cleaning routine by using this baking ingredient.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your carpet, let it absorb the smell, then vacuum the powder up. It will leave any room in your home smelling fresh.

The strong smell of cinnamon also drives away bugs, so feel free to sprinkle it in your pantry or garden to repel pests.

22. Olive oil

Olive oil

You should be cooking using this oil all the time, because it has a lot of health benefits.

But it's also good for your skin and hair. Olive oil is a powerful moisturizer loaded with antioxidants.

Use a small amount as conditioner, or to treat any dry skin.

23. Hair dryer

Hair Dryer

Yes, it dries your hair. But it can also break in a new pair of shoes.

If your feet are feeling squeezed, put on a pair of bulky socks and slide on your shoes.

Blast your feet with the hair dryer and the shoes will stretch out to a more comfortable size.

24. Tea bags (or loose tea)

Tea bag

If you're wondering how to recycle your afternoon cup of tea, you're in luck. Tea bags and loose tea both have so many uses.

For one thing, tea absorbs strong odors while sweetening up the air around it. Leave some in your fridge and it will always smell fresh.

A wet tea bag will also soothe irritated skin. Leave one to soak on a bug bite or sunburn.

25. Coca-Cola

DavidAcostaU - Wikimedia

A tasty drink, a household cleaner, a natural remedy, a can of coke is all this and so much more.

Coca-Cola is strong enough to clean oil stains and tarnished metal, but will also soothe bug bites and an upset stomach.

Here are 10 more unusual uses you probably never thought of.

26. Wax paper

Wax paper
Home Hacks

A roll of parchment paper can sit in the pantry for years, because we forget how useful it is.

For one thing, wax paper makes a great, disposable shelf protector.

But it can also keep your faucets shining between bathroom cleanings. Scrub and wipe down the metal surface, then gently brush it with the paper.

27. Vaseline

The Zilla

Here's another criminally underused household products.

Vaseline is good for just about every ache and pain, from cracked heels to sore ears from wearing earrings.

But Vaseline also deserves a spot in your toolbox. If a drawer is grinding on its runners, or a door is squeaking, this useful gel will fix it.

28. Ice cube trays

Ice cube
Gluten Free

You can "upcycle" spare trays as handy little storage containers.

They're the perfect size for keeping tiny craft or scrap-booking materials in order.

Even better: chop up herbs like chives, leave them in the tray and fill it with water. These frozen herb cubes will stay fresh for a long time, and are perfect for recipes.

29. Coffee filters

Coffee filter

These come in handy for a surprising number of DIY projects and household chores.

Dust with them and they'll leave your TV screens shiny and streak-free, but they can also be used as to blot your face or fix a chipped nail.

The most creative use of all? Turn them into reusable dryer sheets.

30. Sponges

Hello Gemma - YouTube

A fresh sponge is useful for more than just washing dishes.

Like rubber gloves, a sponge will draw in pet hair, fuzz, and fabric pills on clothes.

You can also recycle old sponges into homemade ice packs or nail polish removers.

31. Binder clips

Binder clip

How creative is this?

If you have a few of these sitting around your office, you can make clever cord holders to keep your electronics tidy.

32. Cooking spray

Cooking spray

This kitchen staple has a lot of useful qualities.

It repels bugs, lubricates hinges, and will make your faucet shine.

But here's a really impressive trick: spray your knife and it will slide through food like hot butter. Now you look like a true master chef.

33. Plastic water bottles

Water bottle
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I never mastered that egg shell trick to separate yolks from whites, but this is much easier.

You can use an empty water bottle to suck the yolk out of a cracked egg, leaving behind just the egg white.

34. Baking soda

Baking soda

Have a drain that seems to clog all the time? Or even worse, one that drains very, very slowly?

A little baking soda will clear up the clog in no time. Just pour it in and chase it with hot water.

That's just one of the 30 genius uses we identified for this handy baking ingredient.

35. Aluminium foil

Dryer ball

You use it in the kitchen, but how about the laundry room?

In fact, you can make a cheap homemade dryer ball with rolled up foil (or tennis balls).

Foil is also handy for scouring metal to remove rust.

Here are 11 everyday objects with uses you didn't know about.

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