21 Times Celebrities Proved They're Just Like Us

Pink - Instagram / FameFly

There's a good reason why just about everyone on the planet dreams of being a celebrity.

While we know it's not easy, there's no denying it's fun to be rich and famous.

While it's true that some celebrities have secretly tragic lives, most of them are living the high life and enjoying every minute.

But that doesn't mean they'll pass up a great deal on toilet paper at Walmart. As these photos prove, even huge stars are just like us.

1. A dad is a dad

The thrifty Terminator star used to set a five-minute time limit for his kids' hot showers.

These days, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still saving money on trips to the barber, by giving his son Patrick a trim at home.

2. Give her the Oscar

Ocean's 8 star Anne Hathaway gave one of her most moving performances while enjoying a bag of cupcakes in the park.

Just watch her reaction when she realizes there are none left. Heartbreaking.

3. Stars get starstruck too

Meeting your favorite celebrity in person is a big deal, even if you're also a celebrity.

Just look at Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick's awestruck face when she met Beyonce in 2014.

Chance the Rapper had a similar reaction after being photobombed by Queen B herself.

And let's not forget when Kelly Clarkson nearly fell head over heels trying to meet her idol, Meryl Streep.

4. Never too rich for a Rollback

Who says you have to throw your money away just because you're rich? Over the years, plenty of frugal celebs have been caught looking for deals at Walmart:

Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.Arnold Schwarzenegger - Facebook
Britney Spears.
Britney Spears.FameFly

5. #SelfCare

Yes, Shakira is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, and has an estimated net worth of $220 million.

And yes, she still paints her toenails herself during breaks in the recording studio. Why? Because it's cheap and relaxing, comprende?

The "La Tortura" singer also taped herself dancing with joy in a bakery lineup. And honestly, who can't relate to that?

6. "Spot me a fiver, mate?"

Aussie country star Keith Urban proved that his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, must be the organized one in their relationship.

When a customer at a Wawa convenience store heard Urban ask his security guard to lend him some money, she stepped in to pay for his order.

A little embarrassing for the world-famous musician, but a nice gesture nonetheless.

7. Father of the year

David Beckham faced some tough challenges during his career as a soccer player, but none of them measured up to the huge feat of building a Lego castle for his daughter.

The towering structure included 4000 pieces and a nearly 500-page instruction book, but in just six days Beckham had it finished.

8. "Does this look fierce enough?"

Supermodel Kate Moss was seen sizing up her new passport photo.  Apparently, you can't just tell the TSA agents, "I'm Kate Moss."

9. "Dinner time."

Does this photo look familiar? Pink's candid Instagram snap proved that dinner with her family is a lot like any household with two young kids.

Of course, the online mommy-shamers had something to say about the "dangerous" photo, but Pink shut them down.

10. #Throwback

Even the hunkiest stars had their awkward stages, as Nick Jonas proved when he shared this cringe-worthy picture of himself with his "first crush" Miley Cyrus.

This should serve as a confidence boost for the rest of us: incredible transformations can happen.

11. Who's that goofy guy with the fish?

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt - Instagram

Actually, it's Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt. I guess no matter who you are, when you land a big catch you just have to show it off.

12. Exercise takes the "o" out of "Hello"

Most celebrities like to give their followers #Fitspo with flawless photos of themselves posing in athleisure gear after a workout.

But musical superstar Adele tells it like it is with her candid snap from the gym. Feel the burn!

13. They don't look that wise...

When your wisdom teeth have got to go, they've got to go, no matter what your busy schedule looks like.

Stars like Elle Fanning, Tom Holland, and Julianne Hough have all shared their unglamorous "after" pictures.

And we're glad, because they're so funny.

14. Are we sure Britney Spears is even famous?

The pop singer gets spotted all the time acting like any regular mother-of-two.

She's been seen at Stabucks:

Her son's soccer games:

And even at Target:

Maybe she's actually just a regular person after all.

15. Need a hand?

Speaking of great celebrity moms, fans of actress Jennifer Garner have noticed she's a master of one essential mom skill: carrying things.

From class projects...

To backpacks...

To groceries...

And even baked goods, she's carried them all - with style!

16. Tell us how you really feel

Actress Olivia Wilde loves her new daughter, Daisy, but you can tell just how she feels delivering the 10-pound girl from this photo taken "as the drugs kick in."

17. What, no full service?

We're not sure where Reese Witherspoon was heading in this fancy outfit, but this photo gives you a glimpse into both the glamorous and down-to-earth sides of her life.

18. Dressed for the subway

How does a busy mom get around New York City? As fast as possible, which means sometimes Katie Holmes has to take the train in a flowing ball gown.

19. Who's been here before?

Drew Barrymore's unique tip for dealing with her daughter Olive's tantrums - let her cry it out and take a picture - has inspired a lot of moms to copy the fun technique.

20. It happens

It's not a typical selfie, but actor Josh Brolin's snap of his pee-stained shorts definitely got fans talking.

"One of the great gifts about turning 50 is the sudden, biological changing out of your shower head," he shared.

"What used to be a rush of garden hose, now seems to have morphed into a multi-directional sprinkler."

21. In a galaxy very close to home

Star Wars star John Boyega proves that no matter how famous you are, you better show up for church on Sunday with your mom.

Were you surprised by any of these photos?