15 Clever Camping Hacks That Will Impress Even You


Camping is a chance to get connect with nature.

You may not experience nature like our ancestors used to, but it's a step.

Here are 15 savvy tips that will transform the way you experience the outdoors.

1. Start a campfire using lint

Next time you're cleaning the lint from the filter of your tumble dryer, store it in a bag.

Lint is highly flammable, which is why you should be cleaning the filter after every dry cycle.

For that reason, it makes the perfect fire starter.

2. Burn fire faster using chips

You can throw just about anything on a fire to make it burn faster, but if your fire needs a big kick, chips will do the trick.

Some claim Doritos and Cheetos do a better job. I've found success with all kinds of chips, so give one a try!

According to LifeHacker, chips are mostly hydrocarbons soaked in fat, which is why they're so great at burning.

3. Put a bar of soap in panty hose

This is my favorite camping hack! Instead of having your bar of soap soaking in a bucket of water, put it in an old nylon stocking and attach it to a water jug or tree.

Then, water your hands and wash away!

4. Add sage to your fire to repel bugs

Burning bundles of sage will deter pesky bugs like mosquitoes from bothering you while you're enjoying your delicious s'mores.

5. Rub the edge of a candle on your sleeping bag's zipper

Is it just me or do the zippers on tents and sleeping bags easily get stuck?

Before you make a rip and ruin your whole camping trip, rub candle wax up and down the teeth of the zipper to give it lubrication.

6. Hang your clothes to dry with bread tags

Instead of folding your clothes over a line and hoping the wind won't blow it away, use bread clips to hold your clothes in place.

The bread tags will leave a little mark on your clothes once they're dry, but they'll smoothen out eventually.

7. Warm your feet at night with a bottle of hot water

Getting cozy in a sleeping bag is one of my favorite camping experiences.

To make that experience more enjoyable, fill a water bottle with hot water and place it near your feet.

The sleeping bag will warm up faster, and when your feet are warm, you're more likely to fall asleep faster.

8. Amplify light using a gallon jug

Next time you're finished with your gallon milk jug, wash and store it near your camping equipment.

When these jugs are filled with water, they make the perfect portable lamp.

Simply attach a headlamp, pointing into the jug to diffuse the light.

The light will be much easier on your eyes, and it makes the perfect reading light.

9. Store spices in a weekly pill organizer

Camping trips are usually short, but you still need all your spices to give flavor to your meals.

Instead of lugging around heavy spice bottles, put a little bit of each spice in a weekly pill organizer.

You'll save lots of space, and your meals are going to go from bland to tasty!

10. Prepare pancake batter beforehand

Before I learned this hack, I never bothered making pancakes while camping. I knew it was going to result in a sticky mess.

Preparing pancake batter beforehand and storing it freezer bags or squeeze bottles will make the experience much more enjoyable - and tastier.

11. Same with your eggs

Eggs taste so much better when cooked on fire, but not everyone brings it along because they're worried the eggshells will crack sometime between leaving the house and breakfast time.

For your peace of mind, scramble the eggs beforehand and pour it in a used water bottle.

12. Store toilet paper in an old CD spindle

Even in the outdoors, we can't say goodbye to toilet paper.

We need it to dry our hands or body, soak up spills, and for other important purposes.

To prevent toilet paper from getting damp or dirty, store it in an empty plastic coffee canister or old CD spindle.

Simply make a hole at the top, and you're set!

13. Put silica gel packs in your pots and pans

Throwing a silica gel pack in your stainless steel pots and pans will prevent them from rusting.

If your camping pots are already rusted, rub ketchup on it.

The acetic acid in ketchup will break apart the iron oxide, which causes rust, so that you can wash it off easily.

14. Place pool noodles on tent lines to make them more visible

Pool noodles can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as making tent lines more visible to people on the campsite.

I think we can all recall a time when someone tripped over a tent line because they couldn't see it.

To prevent these accidents from happening, cut your pool noodle in sections and attach it to the bottom of each line.

15. Avoid sleeping on gravel by placing foam floor mats beneath the tent

Just because you're out camping, it doesn't mean your whole experience has to be a struggle.

Connecting a few pieces of foam floor mats beneath the tent can help to keep your sleeping area warmer, and makes the whole experience much comfier.

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