Breeder Sent Him To A Shelter Because He Was "Too Big" But Now He's An Internet Star


A puppy is perhaps the most delightfully wonderful creature in the world, and the fact that there are people out there who don't treat them like the treasures they are is unacceptable.

The only problem there is with dogs is that the people responsible for them don't always treat them right.

Bertram (or Bertie) was only five-months-old when the breeder decided he was "too big to sell" and abandoned him at a shelter.

Luckily, this adorable little Pomeranian found a home with Kathy Grayson after she saw him listed on PetFinder.

She fell in love with him right away, and now she's found a way to prove to the world that he was perfect exactly as he was.

Bertram has his own Instagram now, and it has well over two hundred thousand followers. That's right, 222,000 people currently follow his every move.

This little buddy looks like a tiny little bear, and his outfit choices are absolutely outstanding. Seriously, he's got everything from bowties to button-ups, and his pictures will warm your heart more than you thought possible. Take a look at this little bear and see just how magical he really is.

First of all, in what world is this face not cute enough for a breeder to think he couldn't find a home?

A dapper gentleman, ready for a game of golf.

He's ready to go for a cruise with his best buds!

You can't expect him to be all smiles all the time right? It's exhausting being this perfect!

When the car is in the shop, he's still got to get around somehow, right?

A true provider, brave and strong.

Also a softhearted sweetheart.

He knows exactly how cute he is, look at that proud face.

I feel like he just told me my library books are overdue, but it's okay because I can pay him in treats.

"If I stay very still, they may mistake me for a human and give me a steak..."

Shopping is exhausting.

Is it a bear, or is it a dog? Can you really be sure?

Bertram is cashing in big time on his cute little face!

We've all got outfits that aren't the most flattering...

"Let me check the numbers, yes so it seems like you owe me one billion treats, plus interest. How would you like to pay?"

This dog has better style than I do.

"One for me, and one for me. That's how this works, right?"

Protesting the causes that matter.

"Hello, welcome to Best Buy, what can I help you with today?"

He's all ready for Halloween!

"Excuse me, the water is COLD!"

"It was so cold, I became cool."

A Pomeranian-sized pool or a water fountain? You decide.

"You're gonna post this on Instagram, aren't you?"

This tiny little dog/bear is too cute, who else agrees that the breeder didn't deserve him? So glad he found the perfect home!

You can follow him on Instagram to keep up with all of Bertram's adventures.

Source - Bored Panda / Instagram / Metro / The Sun