15 Heartwarming Photos Of Animals That Were Given A Second Chance

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Not all animals have the chance to survive or live with their disability, but we're glad the ones that are have been given that opportunity.

Here are 15 heartwarming photos of animals that have been given a new lease on life thanks to their foster parents:

1. Thank you Lego Man

This stray kitten, named Champ, was found by a barn with two broken legs.

Rescuers were going to euthanize the kitten until they saw his tail wagging. Their hearts melted at the sight of his perseverance, so instead they gave him up for adoption.

Champ's foster parents built him a Lego wheelchair so that he could get around and feel like all the other kittens.

Watch Champ's first steps below! Look at the way the other cats treat him, it's so heartwarming.

Please Note: we are not accepting any applications for Champ! Champ in his new wheels... these are only temporary as he will need new ones as he grows. Donations can be made to Champ and all our kitties medical care by etransfer to or by dropping off at Vogue Optical and Pet Valu in Sussex. Thank you!

Posted by CARMA Sussex, Cat Rescue Maritimes on Sunday, May 20, 2018

2. Oink, coming through

Chris P Bacon, the piglet, was born without the use of his back legs.

Chris became a YouTube sensation after a video was released of him learning how to use his tiny wheelchair.

"He's cute. He grunts. And he's got a pretty cute little wheelchair," said the veterinarian who saved him.

Watch the viral video below! You don't want to miss seeing him drink from his bottle.

3. He can still outrace the hare

Septimus the tortoise was given wheels after his front legs were chewed by rodents.

Luckily, Septimus was a quick learner. He quickly got the hang of moving with his new set of wheels, despite feeling weak after his surgery.

According to his owners, "he can turn himself around and go backwards, something he couldn't do before."

He definitely defied all odds!

4. I promise I can do it!

Luna the French Bulldog is not your typical doggo. She struggled to play catch and jump for her treats after she lost her hind legs.

When her owner fastened a wheelchair on her, she was uncertain if she could get used it.

She persevered and now she loves going for walks!

5. What 'chu lookin' at?

Holli, the alpaca, was unable to use her hind legs after suffering from a spinal injury.

Her owners bought her a two-wheeled lift so that she could enjoy life with her other alpaca friends.

6. A new lease on life

Joe, the bunny, was born a paraplegic. He was found with his siblings in Arizona, struggling to hop.

He was adopted by an Arizona family, who gave him a heartwarming gift on Easter: a wheelchair.

Now the little bunny can move around with ease and not have to worry about his little legs getting infected.

7. It was a miracle

Oscar's hind legs were injured while playing outside, but that didn't stop him from living life to the fullest.

He became the first cat to have bionic legs, and he still looks adorable!

8. I can still do a donkey kick

Emma, the miniature donkey, wasn't born like her brothers or sisters.

She was forced to get her right hind leg amputated not too long after she was born.

Later, Emma was given a prosthetic leg and now she can kick like all her fellow donkeys.

9. Thanks for printing me a leg

Dudley was only a duckling when an aggressive chicken attacked him. He lost his right leg, but thanks to a 3D printer, he has a new one.

Now he can waddle like any other duck!

10. Nothing's going to stop me from doing tricks

This bottlenosed dolphin, known as Fuji, suffered from a flesh-eating disease that ravaged her tail.

Now she has an artificial fin made out of silicone, cushioned with foamed rubber. It cost approximately $83,000, but it was worth it!

The prosthetic has been so successful that Fuji is able to perform jumps and tricks at Churaumi Dolphin Lagoon in Japan.

11. Who's a good boy?

They're all good boys!

These doggos have gotten a second chance in life, and we're so happy to see them smiling again.

12.  Where there's a will, there's a way

After Hurricane Katrina, Molly was attacked by a dog.

All her wounds healed, except the ones on her front legs, but her foster parents weren't ready to give up on her just yet.

The pony still had a life ahead of her, so vets amputated her leg and gave her a prosthetic one.

Molly now visits schools, nursing homes, and cancer camps to spread encouragement.

13. It's not easy, but I'm trying

Pay de Limon had a tough life before he was rescued by Canine Miracles in Mexico.

The community loved him so much that they raised money to get him prosthetic legs from Colorado.

Now look at him run!

14. If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet

This work elephant from Southeast Asia got into an accident that resulted in her losing a leg.

Mosha is now the first elephant to have successfully used a prosthetic limb.

15. What's better than four?

Hoppa the mix-breed dog has six legs, but only two of them are real.

She uses these four wheels to help her navigate the world.

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