25 Things That Are Bigger Than You Ever Imagined

sverdrupian/Reddit, Elite_Gummybear/Reddit

When we set out for the day, we often don't take in many details or our surroundings.

Whether it be traffic lights or a directional sign on the road, you typically wouldn't notice how large they actually are.

There are also things we aren't privy to see on a daily basis, such as historical landmarks or wild animals.

We might not think much about it, but these particular things aren't always the size we expect them to be.

Here are 25 things that are bigger than you and I ever imagined.

1. Fully Inflated Horse Lungs

2. Michelangelo's David

3. A Wombat

4. Gorilla hands

5. A Boeing 777-300ER's Engine

6. The largest tree in the world

7. The Great Pyramid of Giza

8. The Statue of Liberty

9. A comet compared to the city of Los Angeles

10. The United States compared to the moon

11. 1919 Projectile Shells

12. The Mars Curiosity Rover

13. Close-up of the ring in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

14. The Dial of the Great Clock of Westminster

15. A model of a Blue Whale's heart

16. A wild boar skull compared to the skull of a wolf

17. The bones of a bear claw

18. A Giant African Land Snail

19. A baby orca

20. A saltwater crocodile

21. Inside an Iceland glacier

22. A modern cruise boat compared to the Titanic

23. The number of Earths that would fit inside the Sun

24. Traffic lights

25. A green road sign

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