20 Outrageous Resumes Of People You Would Have Hired In A Heartbeat


Ask anyone about today's job market and they'll tell you it's incredibly hard to find a career.

Oftentimes you're competing against several other candidates who also have the same qualifications, so you have to wonder what makes you stand out in front of the crowd?

The answer is your resume, and you want to make it highlight what makes you standout from the rest. Here are 20 creative resumes that most likely had vastly different success levels.

1. A resume featuring Nic Cage

To be fair, Nic Cage does have a successful acting career.

2. The failed bribe

I wonder why this "super secret spy" wanted a career change?

3. The My Little Pony fan

Will you be going this adventure?

4. This solid six word resume

This person technically does have some qualifications.

5. An employee for sale

Philippee Dubost deserves a job at Amazon compared to anyone else.

6. An employee, chocolate bar combo

Under this resume wrapper, potential employers will find a Nestle crunch bar.

7. The "Most awesome" resume

Didn't you hear Microsoft Clip Art is the new Photoshop?

8. The Jack of all trades

If Jahtara doesn't get the job at the clothing store, I'm sure he has plenty of other options to fall back on.

9. This resume disguised video game

Warning: This interactive resume will whack you with a strong feeling of nostalgia.

10. A new kind of cootie catcher

Regardless of your age, cootie catchers will still calm your curious mind.

11. This animal lover

If you can't have cats or horses in the office, Eric is certainly the next best thing.

12. A completed job application

Well, his responses are technically correct.

13. A donut resume

Is there anything better than a tasty treat and a new, creative employee?

14. An interactive video resume

If you're tired of the written word, Graeme Anthony has the perfect alternative for you.

15. The Google Search

Looking to hire a new employee? Search for one with Google.

16. Thinking outside the box

This foldable box will definitely be easier to carry compared to a pile of loose leaf papers.

17. This honest actor's resume

I wonder if his credentials actually check out.

18. What's playing on your iPod?

I would definitely take the time to listen to Jeffrey A. James.

19. The Lego woman

Just be sure not to step on this potential employees toes!

20. The "Hire Me!" Billboard

Just because you have a website, it doesn't mean you'll get traffic. Sometimes you need to be seen from a mile away.

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